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MP3 Player Download Instructions

How to download UBM teachings to your MP3 player:

First, your MP3 player will plug into the USB port on either the front of your tower-type computer or in one of the side USB ports of your laptop computer.

To download teachings from the UBM site, follow these steps:

  1. Place the cursor of your mouse over the teaching link and right-click.

  2. After right-clicking, a dialog box will pop up that will allow you to download the file to various resources (Desktop, My Documents, MP3, etc.) by clicking Save Target As...

  3. At this point you may need to click on a drop-down menu and scroll down to the drive containing your MP3 player (generally contained in the E:, F: or G: drive).

  4. After choosing the applicable drive containing your MP3 player, click on the OK button and the file will download to your player; you should see a File Download heading at the top of the dialog box border.

  5. As you begin the download process a Save As window will appear, requiring a file name; using the default file naming convention provided by the UBM website is probably going to be most effective.

  6. Finally, a Save In prompt will ask you, again, for a destination where the file is to be downloaded; you will want to select the drive containing your MP3 player.

If, when you initially plug your MP3 player into your computer's USB port, you receive a "Hardware Not Recognized" message, you may have to download the applicable software driver onto your computer which should have been provided by the manufacturer of your MP3 player. If you do not have access to the applicable driver and you have a Windows-based machine, the hardware set-up wizard should be able to locate the appropriate driver and complete the driver download for you.

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