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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of UBM! We hope that you find this information useful as you browse through the site and learn more about what we do here on UBM. However, if you have a question or concern that isn't directly addressed by the FAQs below, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at ubm1webmaster@gmail.com. We are always here to help.

  • Where did Unleavened Bread Ministries get its start?

    Read the Foundation for Ministry page.

  • What denomination is Unleavened Bread Ministries?

    Nondenominational. Please read this article to find out why.

  • Why do some ministries speak out against David Eells?

    Please read the Disclaimer page.

  • Why don't you ask for money?

    Please read chapter 19 of David's book Sovereign God For Us and Through Us. Please also read this article.

  • Is UBM a 501(c)(3) organization?

    No. Please read why here.

  • Do you baptize people?

    Yes, we will baptize you but a mature brother in your area could do it, too. Please read this article concerning baptism.

  • Does UBM need volunteers of any kind?

    Yes. We are always looking for God-sent help in every area of the ministry. Please email us at elders@ubm1.org if you feel led to volunteer in a particular area.

  • I have a Bible-related question that I can't find the answer to on the site. How can I ask David my question?

    Email elders@ubm1.org and someone will respond to you.

  • I have a testimony I'd like to share with the ministry. How can I do so?

    Please read the Testimonies section of the site.

  • Where can I find Biblical counsel from an elder or share a prayer request?

    We have a Biblical Counsel & Prayer Ministry that will meet your needs.

  • Should I stop going to my local church?

    Please read this article.

  • When will "Hidden Manna for the End Times" be published?

    Whenever the Lord wants it published. It is always being revised. You can read the latest version here.

  • Why aren't all Bible studies posted on the site?

    Actually, they are. Many times the Bible studies cover topics that have been dealt with in greater detail in our archive that are already available for listening/download on the site. Often, we will edit out a particular teaching and post it on one of our Bible studies pages. Regardless, an mp3 version of the entire study is available for listening or download here (the files are large because they are two hours in length).

  • I'd like to order your books, CDs, DVDs, etc. How can I do that?

    All of our materials are free. Visit our "Free Books, DVDs & CDs" page to see what all can be ordered.

  • I found a broken link, broken image, corrupt audio file, etc. Who should I notify?

    Please email ubm1webmaster@gmail.com , give url address, and a description of what the problem may be.

  • I signed up for the newsletter but never received any emails. Why not?

    there're several possible reasons for this. First check your junk/spam folder in your email to make sure the newsletter isn't being sent there or you could have possibly spelled your email wrong when you singed up. If that isnt the problem, please contant our webmaster at ubm1webmaster@gmail.com, and we will get it figured out for you.