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Free books, DVD's, and CD's.

Free Books, DVDs & CDs

All of the discs and printed materials we offer by mail is available for free download in our acrhive, books, and podcast page. Please consider this option to save our distributors materials costs. We ask that those who are able to download these materials to please do so, because it takes a lot of time and resources to copy and mail them.

Our thanks to the saints Brandy Arney and Joe Brits for supplying, copying and shipping these materials. Out of the goodness of their hearts and faith, these two saints from different parts of the world have volunteered to copy the teaching materials at their own personal cost and offer them freely. They are not rich, except in Christ, and need any offering you can send to them. If you don't have the funds, please feel free to order anyway. Feel free to make copies to share with others.

Note: You must include a working email address and/or phone number to receive this material. No exceptions to this rule.

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