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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

He Is Our Passover


I have been wearing out your tapes. First, I listened to each one. Then I carefully listened, stopped, rewound and started again with my bible while writing it down. David, your teachings in the first two tapes about the covenant with many, the seven years of tribulation, and the 8th day, feast of tabernacles (Succoth), unleavened bread and the man-child restoring the word of God has opened my eyes. It has given me such a revelation and understanding of the dream vision when the Lord told me to "Tell them they must become Me". As you say on your second tape about coming out of mother, and as we grow up, mother "puts us out". You shared your denominational experiences and how the Lord told you not to join, but to just observe. David, this is exactly what the Lord has been doing with me! I have observed Catholicism, Catholic charismatic movement, the convent, non-denominationalism, intro to Judaism (Jesus is our Shabbat as He said to me many Saturday mornings). He is the fulfillment of the feast of tabernacles and unleavened bread. He is our Passover! Now I have a clearer understanding of why he led me through all of this. I wanted to go to bible school. He answered my prayer of sending a man who can teach me His truth. That is none other than you! When I heard you on the [radio] back in June, I couldn't believe it. I said this man is living as I am. By faith. He has gone through the very same wilderness experiences I have been going through since I came home from the convent.

David, in just the first two tapes, I have received so much revelation and understanding regarding the prophecy that the Lord gave me to give to the pastor and his wife of the non-denominational church I was attending. Do you remember when I read it to you over the phone? David, the Lord told the pastor 10 years ago to start a daily communion service (partaking of the body and blood of Jesus) and he still has not done so, even after the Lord confirmed it in this prophecy. His church is now crumbling. Your teachings on all of the above mentioned is spoken of by the Lord in this prophecy. David this is incredible. The Lord has been with me all of this time, taking me by the hand, leading and guiding me. Wow! What more can I say? It is my prayer that as I study, I will come to understand His plan and purpose for my life. I am so ready for this.

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