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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Freely Televise Our Videos in Your Area

According to law, you are given free access to televise on local TV in the U.S. For counsel, contact your local TV station and ask for Access TV. Most of these merely require you to sign up for a certain hour and supply them with videos which we freely supply. That's it for almost all areas!

Very few others require a short training course (below). Our most experienced counselor is Mary Glavaz (maryglavaz@cox.net).

These are the general procedures followed in Tucson but the rules in the very few areas that require this are very similar. Information for your state can be obtained from Alliance for Community Media (ACM) by phone at (202) 393-2650 or at www.alliancecm.org.

A - Make an orientation appointment with your local Access TV station.

B - Keep appointment.

C - Enroll in an editing class. Approximately three lessons. (In Tucson there is a one-time charge of $60.)

D - You will be taught with other students. You will learn how to black the beginning and end of your tape for titles and credits and all the fun things that make a good program.

E - Sometimes a very simple example of your work may be required.

F - You are now ready for certification. You now have your own program.

You are a Producer.

G - Pre-edited tapes are acceptable but you must title and date them.

H - Reserve editing bay in advance (first come, first served basis).

Note: You should keep appointments or have to start course from scratch and wait weeks for an opening. This applies to most states.

Have a partner? More people can televise for more hours

Dear David,

Good news! I have another person taking the training so that you will be televised six times per week. I am showing your programs two times per week. That is all I am allowed. My daughter is showing them two times per week also. So hopefully you will be on six hours soon. I am looking for more volunteers. I could think of nothing more important because God has shown you how to stress the requirement of total repentance, diligence, death to self and all the treasures of Grace.

What a mighty God we serve! Life alone can survive in His presence.

Mary Glavaz

Materials for Producers

NOTE: Please do not submit an order request for these materials unless you are going to broadcast them.  Please also include your phone number, if submitting a request by mail.

Unleavened Bread Ministries copies and freely supplies Hidden Manna For the End Times Series or Unleavened Bread Bible Study on DVD to the Producers.


Any who feel to help support these supplies and equipment expenses are welcome.


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