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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Jesus Is Our Physician


I just wanted to let you know that I just finished your end-times videos. I am excited and now look forward to the tribulation. There was a time about four years ago that I would never believed that I would say this!

In the summer of '99 we had gotten the Internet and I don't remember how I got to the Prophecy Club, but I did and it was there that I had learned that America was going to be judged!! I cried many tears when I had heard about it!! Then when things couldn't be any worse, I heard that there may not be a pre-trib rapture!! My world was torn apart!!! I had put all my faith and trust in the rapture, because I was so afraid of persecution and the tribulation!! At the same time I had ventured out to listen to some of those people that spoke in tongues and were wild and all that!! HA!! The Lord led me to the Sid Roth program where I began to hear of stories that God still heals TODAY! That people heard from God, and had intimacy with Him!! The Lord began putting in a stirring in my heart and a hunger for More of Him like I had never known!! I began sharing these things with my family and a close friend. We would talk on the phone and read the Bible and God began to show us things in the Word that we didn't even know were in there!! Consequently, these Baptists received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and our world has never been the same. My son and daughter were healed of stomach problems, my husband was healed from a skin cancer on his temple, (it dried up), my friend's back was healed and her husband's asthma was also healed. We began to learn about divine healing and believe that God has healed us already. We learned about the FULL Gospel, and the price has been high, we left our Baptist church. We have since went to a Word of Faith church for a few months, but they were only worried about money, then we went to a Charismatic church, who were on the same path as we were we thought, but it turned they weren't. so we have not been to a building in 2 years. We have been strange from the beginning of our new walk. We believe the whole Bible, and that we don't have to go to a doctor for help! Jesus is our physician.

That's why when I first heard you on the Prophecy Club's radio programs thru the internet, I immediately perked my ears up. You are the first that I have heard that believes as we do. I've read your Sovereign God Book and it shook some things out that I had a wrong thinking on. Your testimonies have been such a blessing. My husband just got to watch the wilderness video!! It just really blessed him and excited him again. We farm and have lots of mechanical things break down, and when he heard that God would heal a mechanical thing he was pumped!! He sometimes thought about praying about those things, but thought well its only a machine and they break down!! But, I believe we will begin seeing machinery being healed!! We have commanded hail clouds to leave and we have seen them go away or not do much damage. Since 2000 Wyoming has been in a drought and we raise dry edible beans, and because of the drought the plants have been delayed and there has been frost or a freeze on them every year since 2000. We have tried to pray away the frosts and freezes, they have still come, but we have seen God faithful and have had favor so the grade was still good and we came out good despite it all.

Your testimonies have stirred us on to believe God for more things, to take back the land from the enemy!!! We have had some awesome victories, and we are waiting on manifestations of things even now. But we will walk by faith and not by sight.

Not only have you stirred us in our faith, but for the end times also. God had given us a word that He was commissioning us for the end times church and that we would in turn commission others to go out. After hearing your tapes, I believe we may be the first fruits. We are not normal, and we are loners right now, the things we believe no one else does that we know of yet!! But, the things that God has for us are much more important than anything man may think. When you live in small towns everyone knows everybody and they think they know everything for everyone's life!! We look foolish to the world, and that's ok. God chooses the foolish to do His work in the earth.

I'm sorry for taking so much of your time, I didn't plan on writing you a book!!! HA! I wish you lived closer, we would love to hear so much more, Wyoming is the forgotten state, we're insignificant and small, but God has promised great things for us, we will be a surprise to the world when the dry land is made a river!!!!

Thank you again for your sharing the things that God has given you!!

We pray God's continued blessings on you and your family!!

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