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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Healed from Mental Disorder


Linda was encouraged to ask us to believe for her son who needed salvation, which we did, and he was saved the next day. Even though�Terri was saved, he was under powerful drugs because of a mental breakdown.�He had been in a mental institution for four years. He came to our meeting and we suggested deliverance, which he was agreeable to. We cast out several demons and he immediately felt a heavy weight lift from his shoulders. At that time we told him that he no longer needed the drugs because he was healed and delivered. He dropped all medication at that time and within days he was normal,�functioning well, reading his bible and growing in God. At that time he had a flashback that brought a memory back which he had suppressed. He had been molested by a Catholic priest when he was a child and was threatened to not report it. This began demonic possession that brought him to a humbled estate so that he realized his need of a Savior. God works all things together for good. If this had not happened his success at business could have driven him far from any desire or need of God.

Here is Terri's personal testimony: I was a lost soul from the Lord. I went under the curse when I was a teenager. It started with a common problem facing many teens: premarital sex, lust of the flesh and worshiping the almighty dollar. I eventually married an individual whom I was told not to marry. My mother had prayed and prayed everyday for my salvation, but I refused to listen. We were unequally yoked from the beginning. And like the Bible teaches us. Do not be unequally yoked. After five years, the marriage ended in a disaster. I ended up having two nervous breakdowns in this relationship. A lot of hate for everyone and everything filled my heart for the next seven years. During this time, I did remarry. I found happiness again; I thought. This marriage was nice for the first one and a half years. However, because of the hate I had towards my ex-wife, I fell into deeper bondage. I had another breakdown on August 28,1999. This one landed me into a mental rehab facility for while. I was given several different medications, and I was told I had several different mental disorders. Of course, I believed everything I was told by this doctor because that is where I had my faith. I started outpatient therapy in September of '99, and by November of '99 I was on social security disability. My "mental condition" became worse. My medications were increased and changed numerous times over the next four years. I had become so dependent on these medications; I would literally die if I missed one dose in a day. My wife and my two kids watched me deteriorate and wither into a broken-down shell of a man. I had to drink a pot to two pots of coffee a day to stay awake to try to take care of my kids. Eventually, I became so lethargic I couldn't even do that. On October of 2002, I had to go back into the hospital. I lost everything this time: my wife, my kids, my home, my car, and my possessions. About a week later, I almost lost my life. At this time, I didn't know it, but my mother had been praying for me to be drawn to the Lord and to come out of the hospital. I was told later her prayer was answered the next day. I had two people, both vessels of dishonor, approach me in the hospital. The first was my roommate. He would talk to himself and babble utter nonsense all day. But, he turned to me and said, "Take this Bible and read it". Within minutes he returned to his old self. The same day, an elderly lady who had, in most parts the same problems as my roommate, came up to me and gave me about twenty scriptures to read. She told me she didn't know why she was to give me this message. The next day I wanted to thank my two messengers, but they didn't know what I was talking about. My roommate said he didn't own a Bible and the lady said she never talked to me. That was amazing! Soon I was released from the hospital. Not much better off than I was. I went to go live with my sister and was still on the medication. After attending the Bible study a few times and after countless hours of reading the Bible, the Lord did something wonderful to me. He laid it in my heart to repent and to confess my sins. The group laid hands on me and prayed for my deliverance from the medication and the evil spirits that had consumed my body, heart and soul. The next day I took a leap of faith and stopped taking my medication all at once. I thank the Lord for that healing everyday. With out the Lord's intervention I would not be alive today. Since then I have devoted my life to try to understand God's Word with the ability the Lord gives me. I am thankful.

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