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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

I Want to Be Baptized


Dear Mr. Eells:

I wish to thank you for your book. And to let you know that I am also thanking God for your book ... that my husband requested it, that you sent it (free!), that I read it and that I have been convicted by it! I have never known which way to go or how to start on any road, much less the right one, until now.

When I was six years old, my parents and older brother and sister were swept into a legalistic church that condemned by the law. I am 46 this year and can relate perfectly to 40 years in a wilderness!

I looked for the truth in churches other than the one I "grew up" in but didn't find it. I became an adult physically but grew in no other way and consequently raised my own children in a wilderness even worse: without grace or law, without "traditions of men" and without any extended family. I was fearful and resentful of any belief ... compounded by my pride, stubbornness, over-control of others and lack of self-control, and ultimately, crushing guilt...what a hellish existence it has been for all of us!

I have been reading your book and the Bible simultaneously for three days solid and have done nothing but cry. And yet I am hopeful for the first time in my life.

I want to be baptized. I am ready to bury this guilt, this past, this old life! I want to find a true Christian who will lay their hands on me and pray for The Holy Spirit to come to me for I have so much to learn and work to do now and so little time! I will be free too! And God will heal the damage I've done as well! Please pray for us.

Thank you again, Mr. Eells! And I thank God for His work through you.

Fri, 31 Dec 2004 12:40:24 -0600

Thanks for the CDs They have been answering 30 years of questions. In 1975, a man prophesied over me and said in the far future you have a work. When he left, I was attacked by devils for a week, choking even in daylight. It stopped when Angles entered the room. I saw three vapor trails in the sky, and I thought they were jets, but were missiles. I never put it together, until I was visited last night. The same dream came, and they were planes turning into missiles. I'm on my way to what God has. My wife was not a believer, until after 15 years married to me. She can not argue with what God has done in our life. She just got saved. We don't have a church, but we can't put the word down. I just got called back to a job, and she is making money now. We can get caught up. My liver stopped hurting and they can find no evidence of disease, after saying I needed a new liver. Thank You So Much. I would Like to help with the cost of the CDs.

Merrily's husband

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