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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Faith-Building Tool


I just need to tell someone this.

I'm 14 years old and got saved early this year. I could say a lot about my life but I just wanted to say you are definitely a bringer of truth. I was always sad when reading your teachings because I'm not yet perfect though I have been a Christian all of my life but was saved from involvement in the occult and now a true Christian. I just read your teaching about the children of Christ and their dominion over the earth. I read such passages when I was on fire in the beginning of my rebirth and believed it. Unfortunately seventh-day Adventism, Catholicism, and depression have kind of hurt my faith badly and made me weaker. Well I read that article today and believed what you said as usual. But I was really inspired hearing how you fixed house-hold appliances. I was excited and got a pair of broken ear-phones and commanded them to be repaired and guess what? They worked! I tried fixing some of the buttons on my TV, it worked a bit. I took out a kiddie keyboard that didn't work to fix it by Christ's authority. I haven't fixed it yet, but something significant happened. I was pleading with God about Him being manifested through me and me abiding in Him and the more I believed what I was saying the bulb that lit up when the keyboard worked started lighting up more. When I sensed my faith going down a little, it dimmed. I think this thing will be a "faith-building tool". It's amazing how much more confident you are in Christ when you demonstrate faith and the authority He has given you. Most people won't believe me, but I ask God to guide me to people who will listen. I am now uplifted by your teachings and accept that I may not be perfected in Christ right now, but I don't think it's so hard to have Christ work in me anymore because I believe by Him, my head-phones were fixed and the keyboard was showing sign of life.

God is so cool! ^_^ I pray that God will bring goodness to you. I also pray that God will use the verbal abuse in my home and school, and people I meet on the internet to crucify my flesh and that I won't complain. I also pray that I won't renounce my faith should I be delivered to be tortured, raped, or killed in a concentration camp. I just want to be matured and be bold when facing Y'shua.

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