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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Sovereign God For Us and Through Us
by David Eells

Sovereign God For Us and Through Us A faith-building revelation of God's power and purpose to use everything to mature and empower us for his use. Learn how to partake of that power to walk in the steps of Jesus for yourselves and your brethren in the days to come. Demonstrations of signs and wonders included.

This book can be ordered from Lulu Publishing. The price of the book is determined by Lulu and we have elected to take no portion of the profits. This is the only option for the latest print version until we order our own copies for free distribution.

About the Book

This book answers many perplexing questions concerning God's sovereignty and why things are the way they are. The Apostle Paul prayed that God would give unto us a spirit of revelation to know the greatness of His inheritance in the saints and the exceeding greatness of His power to us who believe. That revelation and its resulting faith is what this book is about. Jesus said, "As thou hast believed, [so] be it done unto thee" and "According to your faith be it done unto you". Correct faith is the constant condition for receiving and administering the benefits of God's promises. There are many questions in our minds and many voices in the world. Because of this confusion we are not able to walk with God and cooperate with His purpose for us. Concerning this problem He has said, "Shall two walk together, except they have agreed?" This teaching will bring agreement and confidence in the all-powerful God who lovingly works all things together for our good to the end that we become vessels through whom His sovereignty can flow. Included are many exciting testimonies of God's power manifested in saving, healing, delivering, and providing for, and through, His people who have learned to agree with Him. For these miraculous results we will "contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered unto the saints," not the fallen faith of our day. Christians as a whole tend to pick and choose verses to align with what they wish to believe but the truth that "shall make you free" can only come by accepting and fitting them all together for "the sum of thy Word is truth".

Love from your servant in Christ,
David Eells

Here are a few excerpts from the teachings and testimonies of this book.

"And we know that to them that love God all things work together for good, even to them that are called according to his purpose" (Rom. 8:28). Do we really believe that all things work together to bring to pass the good purpose of God for His called? . . . If you read the next verse, you can see he is talking about the purpose of bringing many sons into the image of Jesus Christ. (29) For whom he foreknew, he also foreordained [to be] conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

"I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I that live, but Christ living in me: and that [life] which I now live in the flesh I live in faith, [the faith] which is in the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself up for me" (Gal. 2:20). I am learning that it is not I, living the Christian life and doing the works of Christ, but I accepting my death so that Christ may live and do His works through me. Jesus gave up a natural body in order to take up a corporate body in order to continue on a much larger scale His deliverance of this fallen creation. (1 Cor.12:27) Now ye are the body of Christ, and severally members thereof. We are not the body of "another Jesus" or a weak and worthless Jesus. We are the body of the same Jesus who walked in that first body, exercising God's power to set the captives free. (Heb.13:8) Jesus Christ [is] the same yesterday and today, [yea] and forever. It is sad that most do not agree that Christ's plan is to continue exercising the sovereignty that He had in His first body in His second. (Amos 3:3) Shall two walk together, except they have agreed?

(2 Jn.7) For many deceivers are gone forth into the world, [even] they that confess not that Jesus Christ cometh in the flesh. When Jesus physically comes again, He will have a glorified body; but He is coming now in the flesh of His body of believers. Those who preach that our ultimate hope here is only to be forgiven and not transformed are deceivers. Paul explained that he was revealing a mystery with the words "Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Col.1:27). He said that the wisdom in this mystery was to "present every man perfect (complete or mature) in Christ" (28). Christ in you has power over sin and the curse around us. As we come to realize the purpose of Christ is to live in us our faith in what He can do in us and through us grows exponentially. (Philemon 1:6) that the fellowship (Greek: "sharing in common") of thy faith may become effectual, in the knowledge of every good thing which is in you, unto Christ.

Ps.65:4) Blessed is the man whom thou choosest, and causest to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy courts. God's method of salvation to us is for Him to put His will in us. If in any way we are missing part of His salvation, we need to go to Him and ask Him to put His will in us. ... (Ps.119:32) I will run the way of thy commandments, When thou shalt enlarge my heart. (35) Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; For therein do I delight. (36) Incline my heart unto thy testimonies, And not to covetousness. The Bride said in Song of Solomon 1:4, "Draw me, we will run after thee". If He does not draw us, we will not run because salvation is by His grace or favor.

(Jn.3:27) A man can receive nothing, except it have been given him from heaven. Everything primarily comes from God. How could God be our Father if He let us have a free will to do anything we want with impunity? How could God be our Father if he gave the devil a free hand with us? Neither of these could we even conceive of doing with our children. There is something else that this understanding really helps us with. If all we ever see is the devil behind everything bad that happens, we never have a reason to repent or change our ways. But, if we look behind the devil and see God, we have a reason to repent.

It is convenient for the flesh to say, "The devil is doing this because I am so good" rather than, "God is doing this because I deserve it". No, think again, it is GOD! (Lk.13:4) Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and killed them, think ye that they were offenders above all the men that dwell in Jerusalem? (5) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. It may be politically correct to blame national catastrophes on the bad guys, but the truth is we will not repent. . Out of millions, only eight people were considered righteous by God and saved in the ark. Is our day any different? (Mt.24:37) And as [were] the days of Noah, so shall be the coming of the Son of man.

Christian leaders have turned God into a mere prophet. They say, God sees into the future and then reveals it. Every type and shadow in the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New to prove that God sits on the throne and only one-mind rules over time and the future. If there were one loose canon things would not be so. According to the law of geometric progression one change at the beginning makes an immense change as time goes by. Chance or more than one in control could not possibly bring to past what we see.

I put a sign before them. I said, "If you don't believe God wants you to meet with Him first in the morning before work, set your alarm for the time that you normally get up. Then ask God to wake you up an hour before your alarm goes off. When you wake up, turn your head and look at your clock". Almost everyone in the class came back lit up like a light bulb. They said things such as, "I woke up, turned to my clock; and it was exactly an hour before the alarm was to go off".

The next morning, Jacqui called me and gave me the good report. She said that the night before, at about the time when we normally pray, the swelling suddenly went out of her face and her tooth was healed. We rejoiced and thanked the Lord together.

He put the sonogram and the heart monitor on her. He saw no signs of life, and the baby had not moved for four days. He told her, "Ma'am, you have got to have a D&C because your baby is dead". She said, "I just don't accept that". When she said that, the heart monitor began to register a beat; and the baby moved energetically". The sonogram showed the baby alive. That unbelieving technician said, "That's a miracle".

When Bob asked for prayer, we visualized his lawn from his front porch with the mole crickets wiping it out. Bob prayed, "They would be turned into fertilizer". I commanded them to die and not take one more inch of that property in Jesus' name. ... Bob reported back that ... not only had they not taken another inch but not even a sign of a single living mole cricket remained. They were all fertilizer.

I rebuked the infirmity and commanded her to be healed in Jesus name. She instantly felt the tumors leave. We rejoiced and thanked God together. I said, "Sister that is the first time you believed the true gospel concerning your healing. If you would have done that when those other preachers prayed, you would have been healed".

I called him to the front and asked him if he would agree with me according to Matthew 18:19 that his wife would be sitting right next to him the next time he assembled with the church. He was eager to do so, and we agreed. Sure enough, at the next assembly she was sitting next to him, and they were at peace. The man she was living with beat her up and threw her out with her belongings.

Many common questions will be answered from the Word of God supported by proofs and experiences. Here are a few examples:

Do we limit God in circumstances? Catastrophes: from God or the Devil? To what extent do we have authority? Is God involved in every affair of man? To what extent does God control evil? From whom does evil get authority? Can God love me in this mess? Does God deceive some? Why? How can we change our future? Can we be sure that God will use us? Is there purpose in my circumstances? Does the Devil need permission concerning me? Do we have anything to be proud of? What motivates God to change me? Does God ever fail or repent? Are any predestined? Who? Does God make good and evil? Is evil sometimes for good? What can bring God's power to me? Does everything serve God's purpose? Is God into insurance or assurance? Should I give thanks for all things? Is it right to ask a sign from God? Can the Devil thwart God's plan? How and what is a free will? Did we choose God or He us? Does God desire to rule through us? Do we have any authority over the curse? Is there any such thing as chance or luck? Can selfish desires deceive us? Will God increase my faith? Is Calvinism, free will, or both true? Can God give peace with enemies? Who gives angels authority to act for me? Does only bad come from the Devil? Should we resist evil in men or spirits? Are we commanded to use God's power? Must we reap what we have sown? Does the Bible teach fatalism? Will God give me His desires? How? Will history always repeat? Are Christians to rule the world? Now? Is God still in the miracle business? Is God willing or wishing that any perish? Can ignorance of God's Word destroy us? Is it advantageous to be hated sometimes? Can curses come for no cause? Does God use evil spirits? Is God really all-powerful, all knowing, and everywhere? Does everything serve God's purpose? Will He completely repair my life? How can I cooperate? Where does God's responsibility stop and mine start? Does everything serve God's purposes? Does God guarantee healing, deliverance and provision? What did Jesus accomplish at the cross? Why don't we have what the Bible says we have? Is evil also for our good? How can God tell us to be anxious for nothing? Why doesn't God put spiritual people in office? Who really killed Jesus?

Book Reviews

Amazon.com, Borders.com, and BN.com (Barnes and Noble) reviewers have top rated this book with five stars. Here are some book reviews that readers posted.

Sovereign God, For Us and Through Us

Reviewer: A reader from Georgia October 10, 2002

If you are looking for a religious book that backs up everything you have ever been taught about God, this is not the book for you. If you feel as though there are a lot of things you should have been taught and weren't, gapping holes in long held religious dogmas, then this book can get you started on a new look at who God really is and how you can successfully build a life founded in God's plan for you instead of constantly being at odds with His plan. This book answers some hard questions at last. The whole concept of a Sovereign God, who is not in the least challenged by Satan, but rather is over everything including Satan, changes your whole perspective. It makes the scriptures finally make sense. God is in control. Satan is not in control except when God allows it. It's about that simple. Everything that is good, or just appears to be good, and everything that is bad, or just appears to be bad comes from the true and living Father. Once you grasp that reality, you suddenly discover that you are empowered through God because you are not just someone mindlessly asking for God's will in your life, you actually are being God's will. You are then a vessel of honor instead of a vessel of dishonor. This book is destined to be controversial and kick up some outrage among die-hard religionists, and it won't make any difference at all in the theology of those who prefer to worship church and organized religion instead of believing in and worshipping a God who cannot be defined by man-made religion. For those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see, this book is one that has been long overdue. Refreshing and challenging, often disturbing and sometimes scary, it makes perfect sense. Written in plain English, but it leaves the reader standing at a cross roads. Take the new road or continue on the old? The author has taken the new road and his personal experiences (towards the end of the book) are enlightening. If I had one complaint, it would be that I would have liked to see more of the personal experiences early in the book.

Anne Throneberry's Review October 17, 2002

SOVEREIGN GOD, FOR US AND THROUGH US: As a lover of truth, I write this: This is a wonderful help! GOT QUESTIONS? This book will answer loads of them, saving you tremendous amounts of time and serious seeking! It is written, "Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures". Dust off the best selling book of all time and with Sovereign God, quickly find the truth of the matter concerning the Almighty God with whom we have to do! This group of related studies will lead you through and to the knowledge of what God has done for us and what God wants to do through us! Want to know with certainty what God's will is for your life? What it is that the Lord God will require of you? This powerful distillation of the Holy Writ will certainly be a study you will benefit from and want to read many more times than once! (I certainly mean to re-read it more than once!) What a faith builder and so beneficial!!! I am giving this book to my friends!!! Find out how to be of service to your fellow man and how to serve the Almighty! A mere 300 pages will really assist a true seeker of that which is good! Escape confusions and grow in the knowledge and grace of God. Want to know how exact the Word of God is? There is a section on mathematical proofs that is awesome! You mathematicians will latch right on! As for that matter, I truly believe there is something for everyone in this wonderful book! Are you concerned about current world events? Read and see that God has it all under control and He is using it to perfect His own and separate the wheat from the tares. Learn about God's purposes and how He uses vessels as His tools. Can you really discern the difference between good and evil? Read how to be blessed and be a blessing! Be not deceived. Find out the Truth for yourself! This book will show you the importance of agreeing with your Bible. Did you know that God sent His Word to healed us and deliver us from ALL our destructions? We must but receive the love of the Truth. Sovereign God will help you to treasure the Truth! This is not fiction, my friend, but a very worthwhile read! Ever wonder what it is exactly in your life that God has given you authority over? Find out how to be an over comer! Overcome ignorance, deceptions, and lassitudes! Find the zeal of the Lord. Be empowered to do what God has called you to do! One of my favorite chapters is "Authority in Prayer"! Realize that the Lord God has given us everything we need if we will just reach out by faith in His promises! Realize what He has given us for others in need! This book will help you to be wholly devoted to God and His good pleasures. Salvation to the Uttermost October 10, 2002

From this book you can plainly see that God works through everything to bring His people to the place where Jesus can live and work through them. This book reveals how great God's provision is for His people in righteousness, healing, deliverance, and supply. It is a real faith builder and peace giver. It empowers and motivates God's people to righteousness through faith. Anyone reading this book will see how to trust in God to see His miracles. Many encouraging testimonies are included as examples of the true Christian walk and work.


How many times have you heard the phrase, "God is in Control"? Have you ever stopped to consider what this really means and how you can apply the simple truth of these four words to your life? David Eells, servant of God, through intense study of the Word of God and devotion to the quest to know God, has been granted the meaning that anyone can understand and embrace. For many years, he and his family have actually lived the life of faith that many make reference to but do not truly understand.

When asked for a picture and credentials for a biography for this book David wrote, "Honestly the thought makes me uncomfortable. If this is an important part of Christian authorship then you have the wrong book. I assure you I am not an eminent theologian. The important question is, has the Holy Spirit found a willing vessel?

When the disciples were interrogated by the theologians, the Scripture says in Acts 4:13, "Now when they beheld the boldness of Peter and John, and had perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus". When you read this book, I believe that you will see that I am qualified for the same reasons to be used by the Lord, for His "power is made perfect in weakness".

Once, as I was teaching a group of seminary students, one of them asked me why I had not attended their college. I said, 'If I had attended your college I would have been limited to study from the best that your denomination has to offer. If I desired to study what men have to say about the Word, I can go to the Christian Bookstore and study the best that history has to offer'. Another then asked, 'How do you then discipline yourself to study? We have to study in order to give answers'. I said, 'Yes, but only the answers that they want to hear. For me it is a gift. It is my desire to study. I do not have to be under a law'.

When I came to the Lord, having never been a studious person, those who knew me were shocked because all I wanted to do was study the Word. A little later I studied the writings of the reformers, early church fathers and a few modern teachers. Soon that fad passed and I stuck with the Word and the Holy Spirit, finding them immeasurably superior".

Whether you are a new Christian, full of questions and sincere desire to learn more about the True Living God, or you are a life-long, surrendered servant of Christ, the message, in the following pages, edited from David's teachings, will lift and enlighten you. May God bless these words to open your heart and mind so that you might experience the presence of God in your life.

April Fields - editor

Testimonies pour in of the life changes this book has initiated

"I was a backslidden Christian, every year I seemed to wallow a little deeper in the mud. After about five years of this, I couldn't have drifted any lower than I was... I believe that if I hadn't moved on the Lord's calling at that time I would have had a heart attack and divorced. My wife hated me... My business was failing that I had built out of nothing and with my hands, and back and sweat and blood. Literally, I had no peace other than prayer. As I read your book this all seemed to change for me. It was amazing that as I would turn page by page more and more of the peace of God would settle on my spirit. I would read and the more I read the more I wanted to read. It seemed that I was turning the pages slowly at first and that every page I would read faster and faster and the pages would turn quicker and quicker. I was a starving person sitting down to a meal that was being served fine cuisine at a six star hotel. It seemed that you had the ability to lift the words right off of the pages of the Holy Bible and expound on them to give them deeper meaning and understanding. It truly inspired my soul at one of the darkest hours of my life"

"I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful book and tell you how it has helped me in my walk in the Lord".

"One of the things that I truly appreciated about the book is that you put the scripture right into the pages. This was very beneficial in order to be able to read the book and have a continuity of thought. I have tried to read other books since this book where they just site the passage and that seems to not have the same impact on the reader. So what I am saying is that you have taken some of the very principles that are very difficult for a young Christian and broken them down into simple understandings that penetrate right into the spirit and yet retain all of their profound truths".

Sovereign God has had an impact on me like no other teaching book in terms of helping my understanding of scripture. The tapes have been well received by our study group as sources of questions and discussion. - P. Stroth

We are in a great wave of wanting to understand the Lord. There is such a thirst here that we cannot keep enough of David's books on hand. They are opening many eyes and changing many hearts. We're just in awe of the Lord's work through this book. Thanks for all your hard work and we're praying for all who are putting out this book again. Bless one and all. - P. Burns

I just read your book last night, Sovereign God, and it is anointed. When I read an anointed book the angels of God show up in my room and the presence of God fills the atmosphere. - L. Magnello

I have been reading your book and the Bible for three days solid and have done nothing but cry. And yet I am hopeful for the first time in my life. - M. Cook

We have been reading your book for about a year. Since then many have also looked to your book as a tool for the faith that our Father teaches in His Word. - L. Miller

The whole vessel of honor and dishonor thing makes complete sense to me and I see the true purpose of evil but understand how lucky I am to receive the gift of God to be chosen. I love this book and I feel so grateful right now and content. - A. Grover

As I started to read your book. it was amazing that as I would turn page by page more and more of the peace of God would settle on my spirit. I was a starving person sitting down to a meal that was being served fine cuisine at a six star hotel. It seemed that you had the ability to lift the words right off of the pages of the Holy Bible and expound on them to give them deeper meaning and understanding. It truly inspired my soul at one of the darkest hours of my life. I started to realize the peace of God that Paul says will surpass all understanding. It seems that my prayers have been more effective because I have a stronger faith in God's promises. With all the false teaching that is out there in the present age your book is sorely needed. - D. Lett

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