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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Alien Demons Bow to Jesus' Name

UFO-alien abduction sleuth spots Christian 'smoking gun'
March 12, 11:50 PM

"If this is real, this is huge".

An agnostic UFO researcher worked the incoming reports and followed up with witnesses in the field. Curiosity fed his hook-up with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and set-up up as Florida state section director in Brevard County.

The beat was fielding a regular flow of incoming reports of unidentified flying objects - civilian reports of flying saucers and related anomalies.

Monthly meetings boosted the witness count. Some of those witnesses were reporting alien abduction - a challenge working in a "nuts and bolts" scientific organization - but he soon realized that it's all part of the same phenomena.

The investigator is Joe Jordan. His story is multi-layered and takes us down a rough and questionable road to get to the truth - a turn to Christianity - and an awakening in him of a simple, historical and rather frightening truth about UFOs and aliens. And no one's talking about it on CNN.

The "real" in "if this is real", is that an emerging and growing body of alien abduction experiencers seems to have not only discovered a way of ending a single abduction scenario - but a method of halting the abduction process completely - by invoking the name of Jesus Christ.

Stories of unidentified flying objects, flying saucers, aliens and alien abduction, have been popping up throughout Man's history - based on the earliest writings and art that have survived from many different cultures and artifacts found over the centuries. Today's 21st century communication methods and cheap digital photography may make it appear that the current daily reports globally are a hot new topic.

"The contactees and abductees claim they were in contact with the so called beings behind the sightings", Jordan said. "I turned to MUFON, and said, 'Guys, we've been chasing our tails with sighting reports. If we're going to try and get to the actual events going on and the purpose of what's going on, we have to get to the source itself. And if these people are getting close, these are the people we need to get in touch with'."

"We need to invest in alien abduction", he said.

CE-4 is formed

By early 1995, Jordan had founded CE4 - a private group that studies alien abduction and they began compiling a database from their research.

The experiences along the way changed Jordan.

"We started working with experiencers", he said, "seeing the same similarities. I came in as an agnostic. I was practicing new age stuff myself. I was converting Christians around me into the new age and metaphysical side. But I got challenged".

Since the majority of alien abductees Jordan was interviewing were women, he felt that he needed to bring a woman on board CE4 to make those giving up testimony feel more comfortable - and a woman he knew stepped in to help.

The woman was Christian, and after working with Jordan for a time, pulled him aside.

"She said, 'If you're going to work in this realm, you have to have some protection'. So I pulled out my crystals. And she said, 'I'm talking about real protection', and this is when things started to change.

"She handed me a Bible.

"I pushed it away and said that this had nothing to do with what we're dealing with. But she showed me the protection the Bible offered".

Jordan ended up taking her up on that offer and read the Bible - and soon became a Christian himself.

"But at the same time", he said, "I'm a UFO investigator. I have this want to know as much about something as possible. Now as a Christian, I want to know more".

The Christianity learning curve for Jordan wasn't moving along fast enough and he opted to step into a video course as part of a friend's Bible study group - two or three hours of video nightly for two weeks over a Christmas holiday.

"It was very intense", he said of the experience. "I couldn't have learned all of this in 50 years of Sunday school".

Jordan has a vision

But during one of the video screenings - Jordan had a vision as he sat watching the media. The vision was an alien gray face right in front of his face. "I watched that face morph", he said, "into a horrific thing. I said, 'this is not what it seems to be. This is something we should not be working with'."

Jordan put his investigations aside. But a couple of weeks went by, and he had an inspiration - "you're not done with this".

"I kept getting this - 'you're not done with this'. I asked, 'What do you want me to do?' And I heard, 'You need to take this message - what you learned - back to what you were doing'."

Jordan pressed further. "I can't share this with the new age people - you've got to give me something better than this".

He pondered humorously. "You don't talk back to God, but a couple of weeks later, I hear - 'You already have what you need'."

Jordan the investigator then turned to colleagues, repeated the message, and announced - "let's look again at what we already have".

What they already had was witness testimony. One of those cases was six months old, a guy named Bill who was interviewed on video in his living room during a two-hour session.

"It was like, originally, we never heard what he said", Jordan said. "It starts out as a typical experience. He saw something from his living room window. He went to sleep and had an abduction experience. But during that experience, being terrified, he cried out - 'Jesus, help me' And the experience instantly stopped. He woke up in bed next to his wife".

Jordan wondered why this piece of the story where the abductee invokes the name of Jesus Christ did not stand out before.

"If this is real", he said. "This is huge".

Other researchers contacted

No where in the alien abduction research that Jordan had poured over had he ever read about any method at all where one could stop an experience once it was in motion. He decided to check it out and began calling alien abduction researchers around the country. He set up the story by simply telling them that he did not know what to make of a particular case and needed an opinion. In each case, he said, the researcher did the same thing.

"Can we talk off the record?"

"They all pretty much said the same thing", Jordan said. "They had come across similar cases where the abductee cried out the name of Jesus, said prayers. So this is not a once in a lifetime case".

But when asked why this had not been brought out into the open before, Jordan said he got one of two answers.

The first answer was basically, 'well, we didn't know what to make of it'.

"But what bothered me", he said, "was the second answer. They were afraid to go there as it would affect their credibility in the UFO field".

Some details 'under the rug'

Jordan was confused. "We're looking at what people call a cover-up. They're not sharing everything that they have".

This research fueled the fire under Jordan. "I told them that I was going to take this on", he said. "I think it needs to be recorded and shared. I'm going to build this database. They told me - 'please do - because we can't'. I thanked them all and moved on".

In the 13 years that followed, Joe Jordan has worked more than 350 cases - and has fought hard to get the word out. This summer, he makes his third annual presentation at a major UFO symposium in Roswell, NM.

Part 2

March 14, 8:28 PM

As his investigation into reported alien abduction continued, Jordan was cautioned by a colleague to be armed - a reference to Biblical study, which he followed up on and became a Christian himself. Following a vision he received during an intensive Biblical training session, he took a second look at witness testimony already reviewed. What startled Jordan - something he had heard, but overlooked in his original investigation - was the fact that some witnesses had revealed how they had ended both a current abduction and any future abductions.

They invoked the name of Jesus Christ.

A follow-up with ufologists from around the country revealed that he was not alone in his findings. Others who had gone before him had discovered similar testimony, but had overlooked it because they either did not know what to do with it, or they were afraid of hurting their research image.

But now word was out. One local newspaper interview with a Gannett publication moved the story out to a wide audience. And the story was posted on web sites -like Flying Saucer Review. Jordan's phone calls suddenly took on a national, rather than local, flavor.

While Jordan's findings may not be universal, he did find enough witnesses where the evidence can be considered repeatable.

"We have repeatability", he said. "And MUFON stresses repeatability". But somehow, he said, it's the "most hated subject in ufology".

Jordan explained that within ufology there is a split. On one side you may have Christians who are very positive about the research, but an opposing group -highly connected with the new age and the metaphysical - that are against these ideas.

Photo: Joe Jordan, left, with David Ruffino in Roswell.

But Jordan has managed to work successfully within and around UFO organizations - and build his Christian ideas privately as CE-4 Research. In fact, Jordan's management of and participation in this year's first ever Christian UFO-alien symposium at Roswell, NM - marks the third successive year in a row that he has presented annually at a Roswell conference.

Results have not always been the best.

While Jordan stressed he brings repeatability to the symposium - live witnesses - "Each time you open it up to Q&A, they never question the evidence. They want to attack you on your belief system. I saw this talk after talk".

"I brought the evidence", he said. "What do they bring? Hearsay pictures and videos. I brought a stage full of living experience that they can touch, smell, talk to these people. Don't trust me. Trust the evidence".

But Jordan pointed out that the attacks came.

"The attacks came on us as Christians", he said. "How dare we bring religion to this phenomena". He said the witness testinony was never questioned. But not everyone attacked Jordan and his ideas. Two ufology researchers seemed to be interested. "They realized that if even one of these cases is real, this is something that must be looked at. I give them credit for going that far".

Another researcher, Jordan said, got the chance to see a woman who he had originally worked with, who ended her abductions by invoking the name of Jesus Christ. The researcher kept saying, "You are so different from when I knew you before. He was seeing the change in her - recognizing it - he was so fascinated because he saw something so different".

Fallen Angels

But who are or what exactly are the Fallen Angels that Joe Jordan believes could be the source of what is commonly referred to as aliens?

Note from David: Fallen angels are demons and have the same abilities that the aliens have shown themselves to have by manifesting themselves in both the physical and spiritual realms.

The answer is not simple, but Jordan explains from a Biblical perspective that God created the Cherubs - the highest order - and then the angels. Satan, he said, was created as a Cherub. The translation of angel - is messenger. In scripture, he said, there are encounters between angels and humans. They describe their purpose as communicators with man, to share a message.

But within the angels, there was at one time a "galactic rebellion", he said. There was a "force that turned against the good side and became the dark side -led by Lucifer - who wanted to be like God. He was jealous, envious. And envious of Man's creation".

Jordan explained further.

"We know that the ability of the angels can manifest from spiritual to physical", he said, "the ability to appear to transform - pass through objects -and you see all of the earmarks as the so-called aliens.

"Then you tie it into the idea that they have to respond to the name of Jesus Christ. Why do we feel that we're dealing with angels and not demons? Demons don't have the same abilities as angels. Demons are more of a possession. We don't see possession. We see deception. They are jealous of man and their purpose is to deceive".

Of the hundreds of witnesses Jordan has interviewed, nearly 70 have allowed their testimony to be public. He said that helping these people is his main concern, and the research is secondary. But, he said, "if they allow their testimony to be public, that's a plus" as it may help others.

There is currently a secondary project started where this public testimony is being recorded. "It's one thing to read these testimonies", he said, "but another thing to hear the inflection in their story. It's fascinating". Now the stories are coming in from other researchers.

Alien abduction start-up

But how does the alien abduction experience come about? Jordan believes there are three ways.

First, he said, you have the person who has heard about alien abduction, and says, "Man, I'd like to have that experience". But, Jordan warns, "be careful what you ask for. People have openly asked for the experience".

"Second, is where people have unknowingly opened doors that they didn't realize moved into the paranormal and occult - dabbling in areas that were ungodly.

"Third, we have adults that have said, 'I've had this experience since I was a child'. And a child isn't quite knowledgeable enough to know that a door can be opened". In these cases, Jordan said, there may have been a demonic force that was unknowingly brought into the household because the head of the household was not aware they were leading their family in that direction.

Educating the church

The upcoming Christian UFO-Alien symposium this July in Roswell, Jordan said, is a conference to educate the church.

Photo: Joe Jordan, center, with UFO Hunters hosts.

"If you look at the statistics on this", he said, "the polls, the research shows that probably 5 million people have had this type of experience. That's huge. In the church, that's called a mission field - and it's an untouched mission field. They turn a blind eye to it. They're wrongly taught. There's a lack of knowledge on what they're dealing with. We've spent the time. Done the ground work. We want to equip them. You have a lot of hurting people out there".

Changing the human mindset is what the whole experience is about.

"That's the purpose of the experience itself", he said. "The whole UFO experience is about changing the mindset. It will change your views. It changes their perception of reality - takes you away from the one true God. In this great war, the prize, is your soul. If he can take your focus away from the one true God, you're doomed. We're dealing with a star wars that's way past the movie".

Book of Enoch

Jordan recommends looking at the Bible's Book of Enoch. "It describes this whole relationship with these angels before the flood of man. They were seducing man with technology - the science of divination, astrology, the science of weaponry.

Note from David: The book of Enoch is not in the Bible. It is an apocryphal book that doesn't have the numeric pattern that the rest of scripture has. Its writer is unknown. Doctrine should never be made from it.

But beyond dealing with fallen angels, does Joe Jordan believe there is life elsewhere in the universe?

"Absolutely not", he said. "There's a reason for the stars and the planets - a reason God gave us the entire universe - so that we would be in awe. All of this was created for us. If you comprehend this, that this was made just for me, wouldn't this make you a better person?

"This is what the enemy is trying to take away from us".

Alien Impersonators
Deborah Horton - 01/08/2010

Here are my three experiences with "aliens" and attempted abduction.

There were many UFO sightings while I was in high school and living in D.C. When we were teenagers, my future husband and I actually saw a UFO ourselves from my back porch, so even though I wasn't saved, I sort of asked God to tell me about UFOs. Specifically, I wanted to know what was inside one. That night I had a dream that a UFO landed in the alley behind my house, under the street LIGHT. I got up and went DOWNSTAIRS to see it more closely. When I was standing in front of it, a door opened and I went inside to find that it was completely empty, just a hollow metal shell. Then I woke up. I always took this to mean that UFOs were a sham, not real in the sense that everyone thinks they are.

The second experience was when I was almost nine months pregnant with my first child. One night, after I had just gone to bed, I found myself paralyzed, unable to even speak or open my eyes as I laid on my back. Then I heard what sounded like a million bees buzzing, coming closer and closer. Having been into all kinds of weird stuff, from my reading I knew that this was a standard happening prior to being "abducted" and I broke out into a sweat from panic. I still wasn't saved at this point in my life, but I started repeating the 23rd Psalm in my mind because they were the only verses I knew from the Bible. (When we'd had elementary school assemblies, it was the Scripture that was read to us, which is how I had learned it.) Anyway, when I came to the very last word, "forever", the buzzing, which was almost on top of me, immediately ceased and I was able to move again.

The third experience was two years ago. I was walking around my neighborhood in the middle of the day and when I came to the one area where there weren't any houses, that buzzing started again, directly over my head, very loud and coming closer and closer. I was surprised at their boldness in trying to come for me as a Christian and in broad daylight this time, but I didn't even bother to look up. Instead, I immediately began singing songs of praise to the Lord. Whatever it was over my head stopped descending, hesitated briefly, and then rushed away. Hallelujah! So when I read that the research showed calling on the Name of Jesus stopped abductions, I knew how true it was.

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