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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Nuclear Attack on America and The Lord's Army

David Kocurek July 3, 2005

Nuclear Attack on America

In this dream/vision, it was not visual, but rather aural. It was as if I were listening to a radio broadcast with a lady reporting a news flash. She said some US cities were nuked. I listened as she named coastal cities from Alaska to southern California. I started to count and remember the cities' names as she named them. But then I awoke and sat up in bed, still hearing her speak on the radio. I was shocked to still hear her while I was awake. The TV was off, and I have no radio in my room (?). This startled me and I forgot my count and couldn't remember all the cities' names she mentioned. It was about 9-14 - all coastal cities; then it faded off. I couldn't hear it any more. I remembered a few, though, like Los Angeles, Anchorage, Santiago, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver etc... all coastal cities.

Dumitru Duduman's prophecy's come to mind (?). But also, the fact that after the cold war both Russia and America divulged their nuclear plans to one another, or MAD Mutually Assured Destruction. In case of an attack on Russia, the Russian plans were to hit all coastal cities with ICBMs while detonating some other ICBMs a few hundred miles above America, releasing an electromagnetic pulse to silence all communications and electricity from within America. This is no secret and can be looked up on the internet.

The Lord's Army in Preparation

I dreamed I was on a white horse. I was in a line with many others on their white horses. We all wore armor and had swords, yet no two were dressed alike. The line was three lines deep. We all faced east. Their was one lone horseman out front of us all; he was down a ways from were I was. Though I couldn't see Him very well, I knew it to be Jesus on His horse, because He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I looked down on my white horse and noticed it was dressed up in silver all over very elaborately, yet seemed old with carvings. Each rider was distinctly dressed for battle but all had armor and silver on us and our horses. I noticed some little silver bells braded in to my horse's reins. I thought 'this can't be very stealthy' (?), even though they looked nice with hand carvings on them. I looked over my right shoulder, third row back, and saw a man I once saw teaching on Bible prophecy years ago. I can't remember his name, but I remember his face. There were some on foot helping him prepare his armor and horse for battle. I looked around and we were on some fast grassy plain with small rolling hills. The three lines of the Lord's army went as far as I could see in either direction. Then I remembered somewhere in the bible were it says, "A triple braded rope is not easily broken."

The time for the Lord's return is drawing near. It was a great sight to see. I wondered about those bells that were on my horse, so while praying I asked the Lord why there were bells on my horse. This was the reply I got: "I put those there so I'll always know at all times where you are on the battle field." Wow, I thought. They are bells of love. It's true, those who put their trust in the Lord will never be disappointed.

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