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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Ancient Man-child and Bride Seen Again

Kaile Hamilton - 07/06/2008

My mom and I were house-sitting for my grandparents but it was at a different house than they live in right now. The setup was very similar to what they have now but the arrangement of the rooms was different and all of the rooms were a little larger. They also had this enormous and luscious garden in the backyard; it was absolutely breathtaking. I was given a list of things that needed to be done while they were gone and I was given another list to do to prepare for their return. I knew that I had a week, seven days, to do all the things on the list so I wasn't worried about it. I knew that it would get done but to my surprise my grandparents came home a week early. When my grandpa saw that the house and the garden weren't ready for their return, he became upset. I just kept telling him that I was so sorry; I thought that I had another week and told him that I would get everything done. Then, I saw myself going down the list, one by one and getting everything done with the help of other brethren.

My mom and I talked about how once again the Lord has reminded us that we need to be diligent in preparing for the coming times. Also, my grandpa coming home early and finding his house wasn't prepared for his return, I believe, is a warning for the body of Christ to be prepared for His return.

Note from David: This speaks of the return of the ancient Bride and Groom as they were almost 2000 years ago. Their house, the Man-child and Bride of our day, need to be ready for their return, not at the end of the 70th week but at its beginning. Many post-trib saints are not expecting this pre-trib appearance of Jesus in an Epiphaneia, or His shining forth from His saints. Jesus will be manifested in His Man-child company through His Word and Anointing that will live in them. His Bride will be manifested in a modern-day body, as she was then, full of power and holiness. Won't it be awesome?

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