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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Anointed Ministries Lead in Tribulation

Malcolm Clark - 04/08/2011
(Philippe and David's notes in red)

The setting seemed to be dusk, but with enough lighting so I could see. (Dusk is that time between day and night, indicating here a transition into darkness.) On the road there were many troop trucks with no canopies filled with standing UBMers waiting to be taken to a major event. (No canopies represent the Son shining in. UBM ministry with its people are getting ready and in position for the spiritual battle with the beast, harlot, earthquakes, economic fall, tribulation, persecution, sickness, demons, etc.) I've tried very hard to remember the event, but I haven't remembered it yet. (You don't remember it because it will not be revealed beforehand. Nobody except God knows the specifics of what is coming but everyone will be given specific personal direction when the time comes.)

I wasn't yet, or at least didn't feel, qualified to be in the trucks. (This is reflecting what probably most of us feel like in our present state -- not worthy and not quite ready yet to be marching on as peaceful warriors and anointed children of God.) Everyone was waiting for a long time. (We have been waiting for a long time because God is warning and getting the elect ready and the time now is drawing near.) All of a sudden, David said, "OK, it's time to go!" (David leading the troops represents the anointed Man-child ministry on a global level leading the saints, including UBM, in the tribulation.) So we all piled into his open-top army jeep, which was somewhere at the back of the convoy and off we sped past all the troop trucks. The top open represents the Davids' unhindered communication with the Father. The jeep speeding past all the troops represents the David/Man-child ministries' leadership of the Church becoming stronger, as it was in Jesus' day. Those who were in the jeep but not driving could be the witnesses who will receive the same anointing.)

It was a very exciting moment. We roared past the first truck at the front of the convoy and headed into the dark tunnel ahead (which is the tribulation ahead). David waved his hand and called out jovially to the convoy, "The first shall be last and the last shall be first!" (We are seeing here the fulfillment of prophecies and the promises of God coming true. After having been last for so long, the David ministries shall now be first to lead the battle in tribulation). If I remember right, the tunnel was fairly short at the beginning of the trip. I suddenly realized that I was in his jeep but should have been in the last truck, if at all. (Malcolm represents in the dream all the believers who are "poor in spirit" and don't think highly of themselves and don't believe they deserve this privilege of being in the Man-child or Bride companies. Yet they shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and be in the first-fruits.)

I was very embarrassed and turned around in my seat, trying to face the convoy, putting my hands together in a gesture and asking for forgiveness for getting ahead of where I should have been in the lineup and yelled, "Please forgive me!" (Their natural humility and submission to the Lord will make them embarrassed and even ask for forgiveness to be in this position of leadership.) Then I turned back around in my seat and just started to cry. (Weeping of joy and gratitude of such grace and anointing flowing from the Lord.) I think we were all very happy to be finally headed toward the destination. The darkness of the tunnel didn't seem to matter. (The first destination of the anointed David ministries is to secure Jerusalem from the pagans, as in 1 Chronicles 11:3-5.)

Young Davids: "Rise Up and Defeat the Philistines!"
Eve Brast - March 2011
(David's notes in red)

I dreamed my spirit was standing behind David and Jonathan. (This was after David had been anointed as king [by Samuel] but before he actually took the throne.) (The timing of this is now, for he will be king soon.) They were lying on their stomachs, dressed like soldiers with bows in their right hands and a quiver of arrows across their backs. They were lying in front of a long river bank of dirt where water had washed deep grooves down the bank with dry grass growing out of the top. (This represents two bodies of people: the Davids who will lead Israel after the Saul ministries fall completely away, or die, and the Jonathans who were mighty under the Sauls but never left their apostate leadership and died with them, even though they recognized the Davids.)

It was dark but I could see well by the light of the moon. My spirit was then drawn forward and merged into the body of David. (As Jesus was head of the Bride, so the Davids are head of spiritual Jerusalem, the Bride. Eve represents the Bride of Adam and Jesus is "the last Adam". Jesus in the David/Man-child is the head of the Bride and member of her body. Jesus is manifested in the Man-child by Word and Spirit. "Christ in You, the hope of glory". When John saw Jesus with His disciples, he said, "He that hath the Bride is the Bridegroom". They were the body of Christ who defeated the enemy.) I could hear what he and Jonathan were talking about. They were wondering out loud why King Saul had forbidden them to attack and defeat the Philistines. They seemed frustrated because they knew it was the will of God. (Just as many ministries today, Saul was already defeated by the old man and therefore could not rise up and defeat his own any more than Satan casts out Satan.)

Suddenly, Christ appeared behind us and said, "Rise up and defeat the Philistines from Paxel all the way down to Axum!" (Axum was an ancient seaport for trading near the mouth of the Red Sea in Ethiopia. In my dream, it seemed to me that "Paxel" was located where Syria is now because I saw a vision of a map in my mind when Christ's command was being spoken.) (This seems to mean to drive out the old man from all of the promised land and more.) Jesus had overridden the authority of King Saul, so that is what we did. But when we rose up and ran over the river bank, we suddenly had the jaw bone of a donkey in our right hands and we defeated many Philistines with blows to the head. (The anointing of Samson who slaughtered the Philistines easily with the jawbone of a donkey. Blows to the head means conquering the mind of flesh or the old man.) Then I woke up.

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