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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Ants Gone in Jesus' Name

Henry and Christelle Jansen - 10/24/2009

My wife and I have heard many of the UBM brethren testify on the Bible studies how they have commanded various insects and other curses to leave their properties. For a while now, I have had a conviction in my spirit to use the authority the Lord has given us to deal with some of the pest issues we face and to stop being just a hearer and not a doer of the Word. But I lacked the boldness of faith to do so. I asked the Lord to give us faith and boldness to walk in the promises of His Word and not just be hearers of the Word. In previous times, when we tried to walk by faith for deliverance, we failed and the Lord showed us that just having faith in our heads is not enough. It is necessary for faith to be followed by the works of faith (especially our confession) or else our faith is useless. So I was getting convicted and determined to act on my faith.

The ants decided to make our lawn their home after I top-dressed it with some new soil. My wife saw two nests in the lawn when hanging up the washing and asked me to do something about them. The Lord gave me boldness and I said we should go and command the ants to leave. We went outside, knelt before the nests and I prayed and asked that God would send the ants away. I pointed my finger at the ants and commanded them to leave in the name of Jesus. We thanked the Lord for sending them away and got up.

The next time I saw the ants, I would point my finger at them and say, "I told you to leave in Jesus' name" or "You have got to go in Jesus' name" and thanked the Lord for sending them away. Later, my wife and I discussed how the Lord would do this. Maybe either putting the thought in the little ant minds to move or whether He would send an angel to irritate them to cause them to leave. I remember thinking, I don't care how God does it, as long as they go. I felt determined to receive.

The next day, they were still there and we kept speaking and doing the same. At the end of the second day, we actually forgot about them. Five days later, I remembered about the ants and when I went to look they were gone. Both nests were abandoned and the ants were gone. A few days later, I saw a row of ants climbing up a pole of our veranda and for a moment I thought, not again. But the Lord gave me boldness and, without thinking much about it, I pointed my finger at them and said, "Ants, leave in Jesus' name" and thanked the Lord for sending them away. When I saw them again later, I said, "You have got to go in Jesus' name" and thanked the Lord. Brethren, the next day (which is the day I'm typing this testimony) the ants were gone. Praise the Lord!

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