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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Appease the World, Deny the Lord

Jenni Bishop - 05/15/2009
(David's notes in red)

Our fellowship here was speaking of things the Lord is showing us in world events and was directed to send some of it to you all.

Firstly, today Leisa Miller went to a store by the name of Meijer. She went in appearing as she always does: head covered, very pregnant and known by many there to be a Christian. When she walked just inside the doorway and right in front of where the fruit is displayed, her skirt fell completely off of her, with no way for her to catch it in time and she was left exposed with only a slip on for a moment. (Leisa was being used as a type of the worldly church. Where fruit should have been displayed, nakedness -- or sin -- was.)

When she told me this the Lord revealed why this happened because we know that there is no chance or coincidence. The Lord revealed that it was prophetic. She is an image of the pregnant woman church and the Lord just exposed her nakedness in the marketplace of the world (Babylon). The name Meijer means "giving light". We believe the Lord is saying that He will reveal the true nakedness of the church, who is pregnant with the remnant man-child but not giving light in the world, as she is called to. (The Meijer store represents the apostate church. In the place where light is supposed to be given, the church is buying and selling, like the merchants of Babylon that they are. The woman church is giving up its clothing of light and the works of Christ in order to not offend the world. {Rom.13:12} The night is far spent, and the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light. {13} Let us walk becomingly, as in the day; not in revelling and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and jealousy. {14} But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to [fulfil] the lusts [thereof].)

Two days ago, I had a dream that it was the tribulation and there was what looked like round TV screens that would appear in your home if it sensed that someone in your home had shoes on. If a person had shoes on it would appear before them and lock on to them and begin to count down, and if you did not take your shoes off before the countdown was over it would keep a lock on you and it would disappear with you to who knows where. But if you hurried and removed your shoes and stayed still it would unlock from you and disappear, leaving you there. We know that the shoes are the gospel and you are safe if you remove it from yourself. (Shoes are also separation [sanctification] from the world. Some will take their shoes off and become like the world and water down the Gospel in order to keep from being persecuted with the righteous. And some will not deny their Lord, even under the watchful eye of Big Brother, and will disappear into the beast's camps. Others will escape the beast through righteousness.)

In the dream we heard things outside -- sirens and things -- and we went outside and saw that there was smoke and fire everywhere and things looked bombed. I saw a Meijer store get hit with some form of bomb and be on fire with great smoke. I think that whatever Meijer means in my dream is connected with what happened to Leisa at Meijer today, and, of course, has nothing to do with literal Meijer stores but is more about those "giving light", as those with shoes on also were under attack, unless they removed their shoes. (Because the Harlot of Babylon will persecute the true saints, God will put it into the beast's mind to burn her with fire. {Rev.17:16} And the ten horns which thou sawest, and the beast, these shall hate the harlot, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and shall burn her utterly with fire. {17} For God did put in their hearts to do his mind...)

Another thing revealed of the Lord is that recently Obama told Chrysler that they had to merge with Fiat in order to receive money from the government. The Chrysler Center, which is attached to the Chrysler building, is at 666 Third Avenue in New York. The name Chrysler means "veil" but also sounds a lot like "Christ". So the Lord told Dan to look up "Fiat".

Fiat" means "let it be done".

I believe this means that those who are supposed to be Christians (Chrysler) who are really living at 666 and the beast (Obama and government) is forcing them to join with fiat to get the beast's money. Just like how the church will be put in positions in the future to deny the world or merge with them and the beast company, they must merge with "let it be done". We looked up when the saying "let it be done" is first in scripture and this is it: {Ezr.6:11} Also I have made a decree, that whosoever shall alter this word, let timber be pulled down from his house, and being set up, let him be hanged thereon; and let his house be made a dunghill for this. {12} And the God that hath caused his name to dwell there destroy all kings and people, that shall put to their hand to alter [and] to destroy this house of God which [is] at Jerusalem. I Darius have made a decree; let it be done with speed.

Now this part I may not be seeing correctly, but it appears to me that Darius is the head of the beast kingdom like Obama is now, and the time for the church, the temple of God, to be built is here and it needs to be done, as it is an end-time event. I think this is like how Pharaoh let the people go but then later chased them out.

GM is getting rid of the Pontiac line of cars. We thought this was odd because it seems very popular here, but I guess not as much as we thought. So we looked up "Pontiac" and the meaning of this name is completely unknown. The only thing the name is known for its Chief Pontiac, who was the last holdout in the rebellion against the British. So in breaking down the sovereignty of the U.S., they are symbolically getting rid of the last rebellions against the British (like joining with the other unions, including the European Union).

Also, Miss America, who is known to be a Christian in a situation that could remove her from her position, was reinstated when she declared that her morals agree with the President and the Secretary of State. After two prior Miss Americas stumbled and fell onstage, and then this one was going to fall from her position and crown, but said she agrees with the President and Secretary of State of the beast system. This is, again, types of the church system playing the harlot with the beast system, affecting the light she is giving.

And also it has been a big deal how this year on American Idol the last three contestants were two Christian worship leaders and a guy named Adam Lambert. All kinds of media were talking about how an unprecedented number of Christians are watching American Idol and voting for the two Christians to win against Adam Lambert. I believe this shows, with the rest of these things above, that the state of the church overall is naked, that overall they are voting for even those Christians who were faithful to go back to the world and compete with the worldly lambs, the "Adam Lambs" for American idolatry. The name "Lambert" means "bright land" or "light of the land".

I hope the Lord testifies in you, also, that these things reveal much about the time we are in. May the Lord bless you all in Christ Jesus.

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