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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Ask of The Lord and You Will Receive

Greg Maranto - February 6, 2007

I have been slowly showing my family The Lord by example and heart to heart talks. I am slowly making good progress because when you show the truth to someone, well you know the truth is a powerful thing.

I had a chance a week ago to make an important step for my wife who is slowly opening her eyes. It begins with a trip that my wife Joyce and daughter were taking together. Joyce and Christine went to a presentation for hair products in Mesquite last weekend. Christine is working on getting a cosmetology license so she can cut hair. Now my wife has been testing contacts over the last month to get out of glasses and it hasn't been easy for her. Prior to leaving Saturday, I came home to a crying and frustrated woman. One of her contacts was just stuck solid to her eye and uncomfortable and she could not get it out. She was struggling with it, so I calmed her a bit but her eye was very red. She left with Christine and called me when she arrived that her contact was still stuck. The next morning she still could not get it out and out of lack of knowledge, was concerned about infection. Later that evening on her drive home, she called me to call the Doctor and I thought wait, lets turn to the Lord on this. I prayed that on her way home, she would feel the contact move, and she would blink and it would come out. I prayed that I could use that as a testimony to her, showing her that she is very close to being born into Jesus. I thanked the Lord for the opportunity.

Later I did call the Doctor to see if she could get in on Monday, these contacts obviously were not right and to be honest I did question whether it was dangerous to her eye. By struggling, she could have scratched her cornea. He suggested she stop by the office in the morning, and he would remove the contact. So, Monday morning came and she still could not get the contact out. She went to see the eye doctor and he surprised her saying that there was no contact in her eye. Then she told him that now she remembered that while she was driving she felt her vision get blurry and then she blinked and it seemed to clear up and she thought nothing else of it and kept on driving. That's when the contact came out. It was exactly how I had asked it to happen! God answered my prayers and used the doctor and I to prove this healing. Praise the Lord.

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