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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

A Visit with the Harlot
John Taylor - 01/12/2009
(My notes in red)


The Lord moved me to the east-central portion of Alabama to take a job over the state line in Georgia. I have been visiting a Southern Baptist church. Since I live in the boonies, there are not many opportunities for fellowship. The pastor asked me about joining and I explained that I was baptized into the body of Christ and have no need to be a member of anything else.

Well, I have been praying to see if I should continue to visit this church. They teach unconditional eternal security and a pre-tribulation rapture (I did have a meeting with the preacher and he finally admitted that he does believe if a born-again Christian goes on in willful sin they can be reprobated - praise the Lord ... but he needs to let it come out in the sermons). The other night (Saturday), I prayed and asked the Lord to use the next morning as a sign, that if He did not want me to continue to go visit this church that He would cause something to prevent me from going that Sunday morning. I woke up next morning and the Lord allowed me to go to service and Sunday School.

The message was watered down (as many sermons are); reduced to the least common denominator so any "Christian" could accept it with little chance for offense. In Sunday School there was a young couple visiting. The man was unemployed and they were living for free at a trailer park down the road owned by a member of the church. They have two young children and number three is due next month. The man is scheduled to join the Army in a matter of weeks. (Note: I met this man and his wife a couple of months ago and shared the gospel with them down the street from my house but didn't realize it was them.) He said he and his wife had been staying up late, concerned over him getting deployed and what consequences he might face from the Lord if he took another person's life. The teacher immediately brought up king David said King David took lives in war and that it was okay, that he would be covered by the blood. I had also prayed that the Lord would speak for me this Sunday morning and that anything that came out of my mouth would be from Him. I spoke up and quickly said "No, this is not right". I shared that the Word says if we "live by the sword we die by the sword; we are to turn the other cheek; repay not evil for evil; etc". The young man listened carefully to what I said and was really seeking to know what the Bible said about the matter. The teacher again pointed out that King David took lives in war and did not obey these scriptures. I stated that King David was not under our covenant but the old covenant. Then the teacher said, "Well then he (this young man) will be covered by the old covenant". I corrected him again with the Word and stated that no one will be justified by the letter of the law and that it is called a curse. Well, the class ended with many having turned on me (however, they were very gracious to me overall; this fellowship has a sweet spirit). This church is right out the back gate of an Army base and many members are or have been in the armed services. As we were dismissing, I told the young man that I wasn't disagreeing with them for my own benefit but because I knew what the Word said about such things and that they were giving him unbiblical advice. He seemed to accept this. I felt the Lord lead me to go speak further with John and his wife, Elizabeth.

I ran a quick errand after church and then stopped by the young couple's trailer park to wait for them (since I had gone to early service, and they went to the late service). I got out of my car and walked around for a moment. The Lord had me look at their house (an old small double-wide in much disrepair) and He showed me the numeric address on the home. It was "91". I immediately thought of 911. I felt the Lord was showing me that they were only one step or one character away from disaster (I later told John that I think his disaster could be joining the Army).

The young couple came home and seemed surprised but happy to see me. I explained that I stopped by to share some more with them. He invited me inside. He and his wife were not officially married and were going to be married after two days. I said that the Lord would be pleased with this. They shared that they didn't own a Bible (I have since given them one). The one they used to read belonged to a grandparent whose house had burned down and nothing was spared except that Bible. Its front cover was burned off, except for the words "Holy Bible", and none of its pages were scorched. But the grandparent was very religious and wanted to keep the Bible. I told them the Lord was telling them to uncover God's Word and read the Bible.

The young man further explained that they had tried to make it to church every Sunday morning for the last three weeks but had car troubles each time and this had been their first Sunday in attendance (I had been back home in Pensacola for exactly the preceding three Sundays). This, of course, was a sign that the Lord had ordained us to meet. I have been thanking the Lord for this experience to be used by Him in this small way.

Footnote: I had spoken to the preacher of the church that morning and asked for a time to sit down with him to discuss some things that he was preaching that I don't think are Biblical. We have had this meeting and he was very gracious.

That night (Sunday) I had the following dream.

The Dream:

In my dream, I was in a novelty/amusement park. (Many churches, instead of abiding in Christ, are abiding in a place which is designed to feed their flesh and satisfy the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life. For many people, going to church is just a novelty or something fun to do for entertainment.) As I reflect on this dream, I was the only full-grown male in the place (only a mature male has the ability to sow seed). The park was full of beautiful, young women and they were dressed in a very provocative manner (representing bodies of individual harlot churches). Some groups of young women were walking around the park together and were dressed in similar-looking costumes, while others didn't like each other and didn't want to be around each other (like young, worldly women can be, churches get along with some of the other bodies and not others -- they can be very catty or self-willed). Their eyes were full of pride and they spoke of very worldly things. I found myself standing behind one of these young women and her children in a line for ice cream. (In the Word, milk represents elementary teachings. Ice cream is altered milk with artificial things added to it to make it more pleasing to the flesh.) This ice cream booth was the only place to eat in the whole park (there was no place to order meat or teachings for the more mature). In my dream, I wasn't going to order anything or partake. (I had been going to this church to get some fellowship and was not intending to learn from them since the teachings I can get through UBM are for the more mature.) The woman in front of me in line (representing the church I am visiting) leaned back on my chest and made a comment about how strong and muscular I was. She was being very flirtatious (harlot churches are very good at making you want to become part of their body -- the preacher had already asked me about joining their church). After she and her children got their ice cream, I followed them to their table to be with them as they ate. After a few moments, a male midget who must have worked at the ice cream store preparing the ice cream came over to me (he represents the preacher -- the one preparing the spiritual food for us to eat -- he is able to reproduce but not full grown -- and sometimes midgets' children mature normally and sometimes they end up like the parent). Although I wasn't going to order any of their flesh-pleasing treat, somehow I didn't have a choice and knew I had to (I think this is God saying that if we sit under the teachings of apostate Christianity we are consuming, even if we are really there for another reason). I told him I wanted a large. He told me the price would be $6 (number of man). I was shocked. I said, "I can buy a whole gallon of ice cream for $6". I paid him and he walked off to prepare my order. As we sat, I hoped that the woman across the table would see my wedding ring (symbol of my unity with my spouse -- I pray this harlot body I am sharing with will see Jesus in me and want to come out of their apostasy) and know that I was married. She spoke of worldly things, one time mentioning that her sister (an unidentified sister-church body) was or is Nicole Kidman's roommate. (Nicole Kidman is a Scientologist; her roommate/husband used to be Tom Cruise. A lot of new age / eastern teaching is finding its way into some churches.) The little man from the ice cream shop brought me my order and it was a very large chocolate milkshake. Then, all of a sudden, the table we were sitting at just started to move. It would move 10 or 20 feet away then stop for a moment. Then it would move again. The ones sitting at the table did not have to move themselves but just moved with the table. (Our table represents what we spiritually eat. Like the Sunday School teacher who said King David didn't obey new covenant laws on non-violence and tried to put us under the OT law. Their doctrine shifts to whatever seems to make them OK or whatever satisfies their flesh.) I remember drinking the milkshake and remembering that my body used to not handle sugar well before the Lord healed me of diabetes. I confessed that I was healed and thanked the Lord and drank the milkshake with no ill effects (the Lord is saying that the apostate/elementary teachings won't harm me). I am taking this as a confirmation to continue to visit this church until the Lord moves me on. That was the end of the dream.


It is not a good idea for any disciple whom the Lord has brought out of the harlot church system to go back into it in this manner unless the Lord has called you to do that. As we are taught at UBM, once the Lord matures us to the point that we won't fall for the seduction of or be harmed by the teachings of the harlot church system, and if He calls us to it, we may go back in for the purpose of bringing others out. If He sends you back in for this purpose, He will protect and defend you.

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