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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Banking Crash

The King Is Dead
Doris Hamilton - 09/25/2008
(David's notes in red)

I had a dream that I was looking at a mountaintop through some branches. As I was looking, I saw an old-style airplane looking like a WW2 gray/silver flyer with an American flag painted on its side; it looked like an airplane but it was flying/navigating like a helicopter. (A plane cannot exist under helicopter principles. If there is not enough forward motion a plane can't stay up, just like the economy. The government-owned socialism that they are attempting now will not save a free market.) The helicopter went up, went down and wobbled a few times as it went from the left side of the mountain to the top. Just as the helicopter went over the mountaintop, it began to dive on the right side of the mountain. (The economy of America will stall and crash.) There was an audible crashing sound, followed by a lot of smoke and flames. Then, a voice said, "Elvis Presley is dead". I awoke immediately and thought, that was a really strange dream! When Kaile and I sat down to talk about any dreams from the night before, I told her about this strange dream. We both kind of laughed and just then I realized it was not really Elvis but "the King" was dead. (Overindulging in everything is what killed "the king". The showboat king of the world market is dying. All this has to happen to bring on the scene the New World Order economy of the beast system.)

Kaile and I then began to go over scripture given to her by the Lord when she woke up and we began with Ezekiel 17:11- 21. I told her, "Oh, the dream is about the 'king' dying!" Then I told her that I thought it might mean that the President would die. As we thought about this, I got up to go into the kitchen and I began to hear "Hail to the Chief" which started strong but began to dwindle and finally stop. If you have ever heard a band practicing the song, it starts strong with all instruments together and then as the conductor signals the stop, it does not stop abruptly but each instrument trails off and then finally all stop.

Upon sharing this dream with others, the message began to point to the USA as the "King" of a world empire. Just as the example of Elvis Presley, he was a performer that started strong, became ill with worldly indulgences and finally died.

Bank Runs
Deborah Horton - 01/09/2008

I was visiting with my friend at the bank branch nearest me, but the branch layout was sort of a combination of the Hwy. 9 & Reidville Rd. branches (SYMBOLIC OF ALL BANKS IN GENERAL). Don't know what we were discussing, just chit chatting, la la la. (EVERYTHING GOING AS USUAL DAY-TO-DAY.)

Then the scene changed and all the bank personnel, including my friend, were gone. I knew that they were in the back rooms (HIDING IN SHAME AND FEAR; ALSO REPRESENTS SECRET BACK ROOM DEALS GONE BAD), though I remained where I had been, behind a low railing that separated (NEED TO BE SEPARATED FROM THE BANKING SYSTEM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE) the regular area of the bank from the teller windows, etc. Suddenly, lots of customers started coming in until there was standing room only (BANK RUNS).

The people milled about and I remember that one of the men was carrying an extension ladder (LOTS OF MEANINGS HERE: FOR AN EXTENDED TIME, OR EVEN AN EXTENSION LADDER WON'T BE ENOUGH TO GET OUT OF THE PIT THAT'S BEEN DUG FINANCIALLY). The people were definitely all working class; some of them had painters' coveralls, etc., indicating their jobs. They kept milling about, trying to find someone to help them (how or with what I didn't know) until slowly, one by one, they left with their shoulders drooping. Still no bank personnel came out. (THE BANKING SYSTEM WILL BE PERMANENTLY BROKEN.)

At this point I realized that I was sitting on the floor (ROCK BOTTOM), completely naked. (THE BANKS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COVER THE BASIC NEEDS OF ITS CONSTITUENTS.) A lone customer came wandering in, a man, in a suit, I think. He looked around but there were still no employees to help him. When he seemed to notice me and my struggles to get dressed, I was embarrassed but also felt sorry for him. Before he could say anything, I spoke up and said, "Well, here you come into a bank looking for help and all you see is a poor woman trying to get dressed". (GOVERNMENT'S NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO COVER UP THIS MESS.) Then I woke up.

(The time previous to this that I dreamed about the bank, it was just a giant kitty litter box back behind the tellers' windows.)

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