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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Barabbas Rebellion in the Harlot Restrained

Garrett Crawford - 01/06/2008
(David's notes in red)

I found myself arriving at a hotel. (A congregation of people.) There were a lot of people arriving there as well. After going to my room and putting all my stuff away, I noticed there was a lot of confusion. (Babylonish religion.) All the people were being told to leave all their possessions in the rooms and come to the lobby. Then after we all huddled together like sardines in the ground floor of the hotel we were all escorted outside. (The beast demanding a ground-floor one world religious unity in the harlot.) There were military and policemen all around and there was something serious going on. This was concerning O.J. Simpson; there was a guilty verdict concerning something he did, and the officials were concerned about the public rioting or revolting. (A man walking in darkness who recently was arrested for taking the law into his own hands with a gun, which will be a dangerous trend in the apostate church. The government will try to head off a revolution.) (I know this sounds silly but I learned long ago not to lean on my understanding concerning dreams.) Anyway, once the people were ushered quickly outside, we all stood wondering what was going on. (None of them even cared about O.J., so this was pointless.) (Many Christians will not care about fighting the government as a modern day Barabbas but will suffer for those who do.) That is when a young officer grabbed a woman from the crowd and a few gathered around her. It seemed like an interrogation but I did not know what they were saying. (Looking for the rebellious in the church.) I did see something that I thought was strange though; one of the officers had a can of red spray paint and he started spraying her feet with it. (They found the one hidden in the midst who broke the law and painted them in public as walking in sin even though they don't care about sin but control. {Isa.1:18} Come now, and let us reason together, saith Jehovah: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.)

As this was happening I saw her husband run out from the crowd and approach the group of officers. He was very determined and seemed he was going to get in a lot of trouble for doing this. He grabbed the officers and tried to pry his wife away from them. I just remember screaming in my mind, "Stop! That is not going to help. You will only make it hard on yourself; let them do what they were doing and she will be left alone". That is when the men tasered the husband and he fell to the ground, shaking. Then he got back up and then they were trying to restrain him, all to the crowd's horror. (The apostate ministers of the church will try to defend their lawless actions and will be restrained. My wife saw years ago many ministers locked up with their shirts off and everyone was sad for them. The Lord speaks of the shame of their nakedness, meaning their works of righteousness are not enough to cover their sins.) After a few minutes one officer had a weapon that sprayed a sticky foam substance on him, and this foam covered his head (the foam reminded me of mousse, because as the seconds went by it expanded). I did not know the purpose of the foam but after I woke up I did remember seeing a TV program about new weapons police have, and one was a foam that was highly sticky and made movement hard and slowed suspects down. (They will continue to take away what these ministers believe are their rights to freedom and they will continue to resist.) After the man was subdued, it seems the officials felt they had made an example of him and told all the people to go back inside the hotel. (The beast will enforce unity and subjection to one world Babylonish religion.) That is when I woke up from a sound sleep.

Update: O.J. Simpson Rebellion
Garrett Crawford - 10/04/2008

I had this dream about 10 months ago. In it, it speaks of a rebellious man, O.J. Simpson, and the guilty verdict for his crimes. I also saw that when this verdict was read, soon after a massive suppression of the American citizens occurred. I am not saying, as shown in the dream, that the government will use O.J. as the reason to suppress the population. Rather, I feel that a flimsy and weak excuse will be given by the authorities to enforce a possible martial law. It may come by the act of a man like O.J., who seeks to avenge himself or his group against some or many entities in this nation. The government will then use this excuse to suppress the population. Some will rebel and be easily dealt with, while others will obey the scriptures and keep their hands to themselves.

I feel there is much in this revelation that I do not see yet. What I did see is that O.J. may represent the USA, prophetically. I feel that O.J. has lived out a prophecy that is parallel to the USA in our time.

O.J. is the "American" Dream. He went from rags to riches. He was a star football player and one of the greatest of all time. He was in many commercials and movies. The "Juice" was beloved and respected by many. His power and fame went to his head. His megalomaniacal persona gave him an untouchable feeling. He beat and terrorized his wife and others in the community. He, wanting to take revenge on what he felt was wrongdoing from his wife, killed her and her friend in his home. He took matters into his own hands and sought revenge by shedding blood. Like O.J., the United States has shed much blood over the years, especially in wars, seeking to avenge and destroy all those whom it deems not worthy to live. The U.S., like O.J., always takes matters into its own hands and feels it has total authority to dish out vengeance.

O.J., being plainly guilty of the crime of murder of two people, walked away scot-free. He beat the system and waltzed around the system of justice. He left many victims in his wake. For the past 13 years since the murders, he has continually had constant run-ins with the law, many of which I have recalled: things like suspicion of cocaine and ecstasy distribution, stealing satellite TV and exhibiting violent behavior to other citizens. He has so proudly maintained that he did not kill the couple and even wrote a book called "If I Did It". There was a murderer walking the streets, and boldly at that. Many wondered if he would ever be caught, if he would ever reap what he has so diligently sown. It seemed he never would.

Like the U.S., many around the world, as well as here at home, wonder the same thing. Will the sins of the country ever be required at its own hand? Like O.J., as this country and those in control of it noticed that there was no accountability for its actions, it became more and more bold. Its power went to its head and with it; its sins billowed to the heavens like a massive plume of smoke. It was like an S.O.S., a signal to the Lord, that something was festering down on Earth. The USA has exalted itself over everything that is revered and honored, namely the laws of the Lord.

On 10/03/08, exactly 13 years after O.J. was acquitted of murdering two people, he found himself being convicted of all 12 felony counts, against two people. 13 years to the day. Wow, "13" being the number of rebellion. The number 13 comes up again, when we realize that the 12 jurors deliberated for 13 hours. God is marking this judgment, as we can see. One thing to consider is that, as soon as the judgment was read, all the lights suddenly went black in the courtroom! For those who watched it, like myself, there was an eerie feeling in that moment. Like O.J., the USA's season of plenty and freedom has come to an end. Judgment has been decreed and darkness has come to this land.

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