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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Bartering Returns

Debbi Rennier - 12/09/2008

The Lord awoke me at 4:15 AM this day with a dream.

In it, I was walking on a large interstate highway. Four lanes in each direction. There was no traffic at all. Not a soul in sight. I saw signs above me for Los Angeles and San Francisco. Ahead of me in the direction I was walking was a sign that read Las Vegas 180 miles. The eerie part of this is that there were absolutely no signs of human activity.

I arrived in Las Vegas and beheld people rummaging around like scavengers. Looks of desperation on their faces. I could see these poor souls but they could not see me.

As I continued to walk I arrived in St. Louis and beheld the same scenes. Confusion and fear on the faces of everyone.

I then found myself in Chicago. I observed as people traded shoes and coats for bread. I watched as two women tried to trade their wedding rings for groceries and were refused. I saw a woman in a drugstore trading a bag of beans for medicine.

Finally, I found myself in New York City and viewed people trading jewelry for a cab ride. It was like watching a trading post -- no money was changing hands. I then found myself back on a carless, barren interstate highway. Then I awoke.

The Lord then spoke, "I give dreams of things not so far off. Your wealth is your downfall. What will you people do when I take away your wealth? Seek ME while I may be found. Time is shortened".

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