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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Calling for the Beast Covenant

25 to 27 February, 2006 at Tripoli, Libya

At the eighth session of the provisional World Parliament held in Lucknow, India, 10-14 August, 2004, great inroads were made in terms of democratizing and strengthening the fiscal, judicial and electoral legislative foundations for provisional Earth Federation.

Though the United Nations Charter and its autocratic, military-backed structure continues to dominate the world scene, significant world legislation has now been deliberated and adopted for transcending, reconstituting and integrating the viable agencies of the United Nations Organization.

We see that the central organization of the United Nations continues to pander to military powers and to the military dialectic of security through military diplomacy, the feeble excuse of not enough funds, and the bureaucratic nightmare of officially disclaiming the responsibility for global affairs.

Who whines loudest that the United Nations cannot meet this responsibility for world affairs? The United Nations itself! The United Nations lays the blame on the nations of the world, or on the world citizens, but when it comes to world level, isn't effectual action what a world organization has a duty to do? Spokespersons for the old regime say that more money is needed, that more political will is needed, that more cooperation is needed.

More money for what? For enforcing the enormous disparity in salaries for participants in the overall processes of the United Nations? The United Nations has one of the greatest salary differentials of any organization on Earth, with some people earning six figures from UN connection alone and the working base earning nothing but empty promises.

More political will to do what? To enforce unjust rules that cause one quarter of humanity to live in grave poverty, and more than half of the rest to live in a state of subservience and relative poverty, none having effective, forceful legal recourse to a redress of grievances under the old Charter principles? To acquiesce to the utter lack of direct and representative democracy within the dialectic of the old Charter?

But cooperation to do what? To enforce inequitable diplomatic agreements between bully administrations and the subjected? To tolerate the dynamic of nuclear and conventional proliferations?

The despotic world dictatorship, overt or covert, ensured by the old United Nations Charter has been depending on the people of Earth to be patient, to cooperate and to subject.

The superpower of the world economic center continues to unjustly exploit the world economic periphery. This is the old Charter's offer to the people of the world, telling us, "Only wait, you are only world citizens; diplomacy must be tried first". and the proponents of the old Charter tell us, "It is someone else's fault, so please give us more money, more will, more cooperation". -- the same old story.

There are cries throughout the world that the people must rise as one to stop the present drive to make Planet Earth a totalitarian state. A frustrated humanity is turning increasingly to acts of terrorism, mob violence, suicide bombings, protest marches, burning effigies, and destruction of property. These, however, are not the answer. They only add up to human misery. They play into the hands of the superpower to a further release of state violence and terror. Furthermore, there are both evidences and rumors supporting the idea that superpower itself may have some role in directly instigating many of the acts of terrorism released on the people, through the role of psychological operators (psy-ops) and schools of assassins.

Destructive reaction does not effectively and wholesomely address the problem. Neither is the answer mere strong denunciation by leaders of the developing world, mere increasing criticisms in the marginalized medias, and mere voices of protest in national electoral campaigns and occasional peaceful rallies, however much all these are needed also. They are but welcoming signs that the majority of the world's people do not tolerate the world totalitarianism.

The failure of the United Nations is due to the weakness of the UN Charter. For 60 years, "WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED NATIONS" has built vain hopes on a caricature of a world constitution. However, the citizens of this Earth are demanding and recognizing a practical and just world constitution, which the United Nations Charter cannot provide.

For the ninth session of the provisional World Parliament in Tripoli, Libya, we renew our Call, at a time of great urgency, and reveal our plan to canalize the favourable forces now ranging against the superpower into a strong movement to establish the rule of just, enforceable world law as against the rule of military force.

This Call, therefore, goes out to the Governments and Peoples of the World that the Rule of Law can be made to prevail only by the establishment of a democratic federal world government and a world parliament under a Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

A world parliament with true legislative strength cannot emerge without its world constitution.

Respecting the decision of mandate by the eighth session of the provisional World Parliament, its Standing Executive Cabinet convokes this Call to the ninth session of the provisional World Parliament. This is a call to national governments and legislatures, universities, colleges, and religious congregations, scientific academies and institutions, peace organizations, and men and women of goodwill to send delegates and participate in its deliberations.

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