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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Beware: The Bear Is Coming Alive

Amos Scaggs - 02/11/2010

A man was removing the meat in strips from a brown bear without removing the inner parts or the hide, in order to preserve its natural look. The bear had been sedated in order to perform this procedure. All of a sudden, the bear started to arouse; the next moment, it was coming alive too fast and the knife was stuck in its rib. There were three strips cut from the bear. Two were cut loose and the third was being cut when the knife got stuck halfway through the process.

The man yelled for Stevenson in the next room for help. The man knew there was not enough time to react before the bear was completely at its full capacity. There were no more anesthetics and he had no time to get another knife to render the bear helpless. He also knew the person he yelled for could not reach him in time. The man knew they had gone about this procedure the wrong way and had not been careful enough in their maneuvers to use every precaution necessary. The man knew when the bear recovered from its present state it would devour everything in its sight. There was nothing the man could do to prevent this; he was scared and powerless but it was too late.

Some interpretation:

The ferocious brown bear is Russia, whom many thought was rendered helpless in the '80s. Not removing the inner parts implies that Russia has always been intact and its infrastructure was never dismantled, preserving its natural look while removing strips of meat. Some countries have split off from the USSR but they are still part of Russia's sphere of influence, as she sees it, and will be reclaimed, as we will see in the future. The two countries of Ukraine and Georgia have been cut loose from Russia and are trying to become members of NATO, with reasonable success and the aid of the U.S. The U.S., through the U.N. and NATO will force Russia's true agenda.

The third section, where the knife got stuck and the bear started coming alive, I believe, was the action Russia took in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. That forced Russia to show her hand when the U.S. was exerting too much influence there so we could see the true colors. Russia is coming alive too fast for anyone to stop.

"Stevenson" means "crown", which means that America's British and European NATO allies will not be able to come to her aid in the time of her most intensive need. Wrong procedures were done in taking the bear's cubs and relaxing defense systems. The world is going to see the crushing blows of the bear and the powers that be will not have any control over it.

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