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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Black, Oily Judgment

Warren Edwards - 12/18/2009

Note from David: There is no doubt of the spiritual aspect of coming darkness overcoming the earth in this dream. I was also struck with a more physical aspect: the black, oily coating on everything. The oil disaster in the Gulf has left oil above and below the waters all along the coast just waiting for a hurricane or the prophesied tsunami to stir it up and drop it on the Gulf coast. Warren's symptoms in his stomach and tiredness in his body are those that the people are having who are living near the Louisiana coast and the people working to clean up the mess on land and ships. These symptoms are also side effects of both benzene and hydrogen sulfide, which are in the oil and have been made aromatic by the dispersants sprayed on it. See health effects of hydrogen sulfide and benzene.

In a dream, I found myself in the Spirit and in a large, black storm. The storm covered everything that I could see all around. The storm was pure evil and I could feel it, and almost taste it; it made my stomach upset. There was a blackness rolling across everything in its path. Thick, dark, rough, and almost oily, a kind of ooze that covered everything and swallowed up everything in its path.

The Spirit and I were traveling around the landscape at a very high rate of speed and I could see nothing that was not being overcome by this storm. I could feel the terror and anger of the people being overcome as they carried what little they had (belongings) and no matter what they did they just could not escape the waves of blackness that were descending on everything in sight.

The Spirit was bringing me all across the landscape, up and down, and it seemed at times that even we would be overcome by this blackness. Just when I thought I could not stand the sight and feeling of the horror all around me for even one more minute, the Spirit took me to a place where there were people (not many) who were coming through the devastation. Three over there (all holding hands), two over there (also holding hands) and one person by herself. We went over to her. She looked frightened but resolved; she knew we were there and she turned her head and looked right at us. These people carried no burden; they were completely surrounded by a bright, white light and were all traveling together (near each other) and in the same direction. The ground in front of them was flat and a kind of bright grey. The ground was being cleared for them as they walked but the black and rough ooze would fill right back in behind them as they went forward.

I awoke feeling sick several times through the night and prayed to be spared seeing more of this dream. But each time I went back to sleep we returned to the exact point that I awoke from. I was tired for two days and ate little. A feeling of sadness surrounded me for the whole of the next day. I could not forget or get it out of my mind.

I think people will be coming out of the judgment storm until the very last minute; they will have all things in common and will be surrounded by the Spirit and will carry no burden (they will carry faith only). They will be focused on one thing only: finding the people of God and going home to them.

Update - 05/26/2010

Wow I kind of forgot this dream. When I re-read it I had a flash vision of the storm again and could feel the oily terror all over. Funny, I remember when I had the dream that the oil-like ooze was the thing that stuck in my mind (waves of darkness overcoming everything in their path) and also the only thing I could not get my head around. You, knowing my physical state, would be able to understand just how sick this black ooze made me; it was so real that I remained sick for a few days after. Not many people were making it through that nightmare; they were overcome with a speed that also made my stomach twist and turn. The people carrying a burden were overcome so fast (the Spirit would lead me right up close to them and I could see the look of horror and utter defeat on their faces as they slipped below the blackness) that the only ones who were able to travel in the darkness were the ones who carried nothing except love for each other and faith (this stuck out as well). I remember looking at the angel or the Spirit, whomever it may have been who brought me through the storm, and expecting him to feel sympathy for my heartache from what I was witnessing and I did not so much see as "feel" from him that this was not negotiable -- this was going to happen.

(Exo.10:21) And the Lord said unto Moses, Stretch out thy hand toward heaven, that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, even darkness which may be felt.

(Isa.8:22) and they shall look unto the earth, and behold, distress and darkness, the gloom of anguish; and into thick darkness they shall be driven away.

(60:2) For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples; but Jehovah will arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

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