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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Bold Confession Brings Healing

Mark Meier - 10/31/2007

Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ. I just wanted to share a testimony of trusting in the Lord and how He will not put us to shame if we confess His name.

Over that past year, I've had a very dark mole or some kind of growth behind my ear. It just appeared out of nowhere and seemed to slowly get larger and larger; it was raised above the normal skin line and had a crust over the top of it. Friends and family members told me to get it looked at by the doctors as it looked cancerous. I did not go to the doctor to receive a "bad report", but took it to the Lord in faith and believed the Lord had already healed it.

Nothing happened until about 5 months ago when getting my hair cut. My stylist accidentally nicked it with the electric clippers and it started to bleed. She was very apologetic but said to me, "Mark, you had better get this mole checked out! It does not look good at all". I simply responded to her that it had been prayed for and that God had already taken care of it. Nothing more was said about God or healing. From that point of my "semi bold" confession to my hair stylist the mole started to get smaller until it was about half the size of what it was and then it stayed that size for next few months.

A couple of weeks ago I went in to get my hair cut, when she almost clipped it again! What did she tell me to do? That I should go into the doctor and get this "thing" checked out. That's when instead of half heartedly confessing what God had done, I boldly confessed the Lord and that He is the healer and not doctors. We spent the next 15 minutes talking about the Lord, prayer and healing. She agreed that the Lord answers prayers and that we don't depend on the Lord enough. Before we were done I boldly confessed two things to her: #1, that God had healed this mole; #2, that God had cured my thinning hair and unplugged my hair follicles and that the next time I came in I would need to get a new hair brush because of my new thick hair.

Two times before I left she specifically said "OK, Mr. Meier, I will be watching. The next time you come in I'm going to check it out". This was on a Friday afternoon and that night I confessed this whole story to our Bible study group. I remember Saturday night accidentally scratching it and a small piece came off and bled just a bit. I'm not sure if it was Sunday or Monday I felt for it and it was no longer there! No scab; it was not raised and it was not black. It was perfectly smooth and flesh colored, you couldn't even tell there was ever anything there. The next day I drove to my beautician and when I walked in, she figured I was there to complain about the hair cut from three days ago. I called her over and asked if she could see anything behind my ear. Her jaw dropped as she looked and felt where in her mind the "cancerous mole" once was. After repeated double takes and saying "WOW", she said, "I have goose bumps; that is just amazing. On Friday it was half the size of my finger nail, raised up and dark; that's a miracle!" I of course agreed and said once again the second part of my bold confession, that I would be in next time for that new hair brush because of my new thick hair.

Wouldn't you know it, less than a week later the perfectly good hairbrush I've had for the past ten years broke in half! So indeed the next time I see her I will be buying a new hairbrush from her just like I spoke. I'm learning that we must learn to brag on God and He will never put us to shame! When I bragged just a little on Him, the mole shrunk a little; when I bragged on God a lot and now others were watching to see what God would do, then a miracle happened. Was the mole cancerous as others were worried about? I didn't care nor accept it, and didn't give the devil an opportunity to steal my faith. Now, when my next haircut comes and I purchase that new hairbrush, I'm also going to purchase some shampoo for EXTRA THICK hair!

Having faith for the things not seen!

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