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In the early hours of Sunday morning, 10/09/05, I had this dream.

Note: For quite a few weeks now I have been praying to the Lord that He visit all my friends and relatives around the world in dreams, visions and revelations and show them that the tribulation is about to start and that it is time to repent and turn to the Lord.

I dreamt that I was in Los Angeles. I was sitting on a table with an unsaved cousin of mine. He was telling me how the Lord has been showing him dreams of the whereabouts of the enemy's nuclear bombs that have been hidden away in the U.S. He described to me an old, derelict, rundown warehouse where a nuclear warhead was hidden. In the dream I was really happy. God was answering my prayers and my friends and relatives were being warned.

About 12.30AM, Monday morning, 10/10/05 I had this intense dream.

In the dream I saw people panicking and fleeing towards the East Coast of the United States. I was wondering what the people were fleeing from. Then I heard the words "Avian Flu" or something that sounded similar but I am sure it was Avian Flu. I saw soldiers mercilessly shooting people who were slow to flee. As I looked at the soldiers the word "Nazi" came to my mind. I then saw this Polynesian family who were slow to flee. The parents had decided since they couldn't make it they might as well hide under the the big septic tank beside their home. Little did the family know that a soldier had spotted them. Somehow I knew what soldier was thinking - he was thinking of blowing up the whole septic tank along with the family.

As the chaos spread, I started praying and said something like this: "Lord what do you want me to do?" Immediately, my body had this bright, orange glow. I saw a few other people who had the same orange glow on them. Like the others I could clearly hear the voice of the Lord directing me on who to minister to. We were translated from place to place only at the Lord's direction. I remember telling a group of people what was happening and leading them to the Lord. I then was directed to go to someone whose name was Urn...This Urn had shared a prophecy which I was interested in. I then woke up at about 1:00 AM thinking it was for real.

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