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Breaking Story

Mary Clark - 09/10/2006

The Lord showed me a newspaper and I was scanning it for a story. Then I heard Him say "breaking story". Here is His breaking story:

I am the Lord God Almighty. I know the news before it happens. I know exactly the slant that is going to be given to the news before the newscaster speaks. I know. I see all. And I want you, beloved, to rest in the knowledge that nothing EVER escapes the view of your God. Nothing EVER catches Me by surprise. Rest in this knowledge. Rest in the knowledge that I know the "breaking story" before it is ever broken to you. I know it inside and out. I know it before the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted.

In this hour, I see many doubting My existence. I see just as many of My own losing heart. I see you backing down on your allegiance to Me and My cause. This is no surprise to Me either, for I know your heart. I know your doubting heart. I know your dissatisfied heart. What am I going to do about this, you wonder? I will tell you quite succinctly: I am going to rip something open that has never been ripped open. That is what I am going to do. I am going to expose something that has never been exposed.

I am going to show the world and My own something that you have never viewed, and when I do, I will not only have My beloved's attention, I will have the attention of ALL of the world, and when I say all of the world, I mean just that - ALL of the world.

So watch for this BIG expos´┐Ż as it comes forth by My hand, and know when it makes its appearance that the living God has called you to attention - signaled you that the end is near - signaled you that He is coming to take you home where you belong - home where His heart will envelop you in His forever love for all eternity.

That is My breaking news, beloved. That is what I want to tell you. Consider yourself told. Consider yourself notified of this most unusual news, and know deep within that your God is doing you another favor - another kind favor is coming your way. Get poised for action, beloved. Again I say, get poised for action on My part - on My behalf, for you are now entering the twelfth our -the twelfth hour when the Lord God Almighty shines forth His glory, exposes something that has been hidden, and enables the whole world to peer into this interesting breaking news -this news that will light the way into action on My part -action that will benefit My cause and stir hearts in a most pronounced fashion. A fashion that the world has never seen -never realized - is coming the way of My church. Get ready, beloved, for I am taking you into a new dimension of hope - a brand new dimension of My favor and hope everlasting!!!

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