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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Bride on the Offense, Pushing Toward the Goal

Marilyn Klinke - 01/02/2016
(David's notes in red)

Last night, I was listening again to the Bible study from 12/23/15 titled Our Brother's Keeper. I have been meditating on and praying about receiving the gifts of the Spirit for the Bride, and for my husband and myself. This morning I had the following short dream.

I dreamed that there was a football game and I was positioned right on the field in the midst of the offensive line and could easily observe the game. In the middle of the offensive line, maybe in the position of the "center" was a bride. (I see here that the Bride will be revealed as she is obedient to engage in spiritual warfare, as symbolized by her being on the offensive line.) (The coach for the Bride's team is the Lord. The coach for the opposition is the devil.)

She was dressed in a white bridal gown, but she was positioned in a crouching position as were all the other offensive line, just like when the football is about to be snapped to the quarterback. (The crouching position is a defensive position of strength against the attack of the old man and represents having all the armor on. It is also the best offensive position to push the old man backwards toward our goal of winning the game. It is also a position to defend the quarterback while he seeks the best way to get the ball to the goal of winning the game. I believe the quarterback here is the Man-child ministry, who should be defended by the Bride in spiritual warfare.)

Suddenly, a lovely bridal veil descended from Heaven and was placed on the Bride's head. The veil was pure white, very simple with a delicate white crown to hold it in place. (I had the thought as I was meditating on the dream this morning that possibly the bridal veil with the white crown is the anointing of the gifts she has been praying for.) (The veil represents submission to our head, Jesus. The crown represents our authority over the enemy as we submit to our head. {Jas.4:7} Be subject therefore unto God; but resist the devil, and he will flee from you.)

It was so simple, but altogether lovely. The veil was perfectly positioned on the Bride's head, but without hands. (Submission to God is His work on us as we walk by faith.) It was longer in the back, but only a little longer than her chin in the front. (Submission to the Lord is proven by the mouth and our words. When they come from faith, victory always follows. {Rom.10:10} for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.)

Then the front portion of the veil was lifted from her face and placed over the crown of her head, fully revealing her face. (The sending and positioning of the veil and revealing of the Bride are not done by any human efforts, but from our Lord.) (Her unveiled face is the image and manifestation of Jesus in her. The unveiling in this case represents the Bride's discernment and understanding of the true Gospel that brings Christ-likeness. {2Co.3:18} But we all, with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are transformed into the same image from glory to glory, even as from the Lord the Spirit. Notice this is the work of the Spirit of the Lord as we walk by faith.) End of dream.

I was encouraged by this dream. I cast lots to see if Father wanted me to send it to UBM and received two heads, which is what I requested for a confirmation. Thanks for your faithful labors at UBM. This ministry has been a great blessing to Barry and me, truly lifechanging.

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