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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Bride Shares Light in Darkness

Ellie McBride - 12/10/2009
(David's notes in red)

I was inside a small building which reminded me of a concession stand because it had a service window. I received the understanding that I was being assigned to man this service station. I began to work and prepare to serve out of this place. (Serving those called of the Lord.)

I saw a van pull up out front. The driver of the van walked up to the window and informed me he was there to deliver two bicycles that were ordered by someone for the children. (Bicycles represent balance and progress for the children.) I said, "Oh, yes, that must've been so-and-so (I don't remember whose name I said). I looked out to see if I could find him but I did not see him. (I believe the man who ordered the bicycles in the dream is Jesus. The Lord gave me a very neat dream when I was young in the Lord and already listening to the Unleavened Bread Bible Studies of Father taking my brother and I shopping. Father, who had a very commanding presence, led the way, followed by my brother, Jesus, followed by me. In the dream, I was amazed at everything I saw and was looking about but never losing step with them. I stayed right behind my brother, who stayed right behind our Father. We arrived at a place when my brother told Father we needed bicycles. We stopped and Father picked out a green bicycle for me.)

I stepped outside and noticed it was very dark outside. It had not appeared dark while I was inside the building. (Calling the people out of darkness and into Christ and light.) I walked around the right side of the building and saw people sitting in chairs in the dark. I understood they were waiting to be served. They were under a carport or porch that ran along the side of the building. (They had the covering but were yet unenlightened.) I did not find the man I was looking for, so I went back inside.

I received the understanding that I was replacing someone and that I would be part of the emergency team. (In the coming emergencies, many will want to know of the light.) This caused me to feel it would be wise to learn from the person I was replacing what my responsibilities were before they left. I walked over to a man sitting at a desk. I asked him whether he responded to codes. Since I have a background of working in a jail, I was referring to the emergency and/or alert codes that are called out over the intercom regularly in the jail when there are incidents that require attention. (We need to understand our emergency response to those in bondage.) (There is an emergency response team that the jail supervisor assigns to respond when certain emergency codes are called out and they equip themselves accordingly.)

The man sat back in his chair, in a very relaxed manner, with his right leg resting over his left knee. When I asked him about the codes he did not answer me but only looked at me. I began to wonder whether he understood what I was talking about and then the alarm clock woke me up. (The people we are replacing in the old-order ministry don't know or believe an emergency is coming, nor how we are to respond to it. Every form of shaking is about to happen to the sleeping Church but Father is raising up a Bride [notice your name: McBride] to give them answers when their leadership fails.)

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