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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Bride to Feed the Tribulation Church

Eve Brast - 01/12/2011
(Reuel Stewart's and David's notes in red)

I dreamed I was at my dad's parents' old house in Highland Park in Dallas, Texas. Their home had been built during the Great Depression in the 1930s (the world is coming to a great depression) and was surrounded by million-dollar mansions when I was young. (Eve here represents the Bride, for she was the bride of Adam and Jesus was the last Adam. The house that Eve was raised in represents the Church which is overshadowed by this world. The Church is returning to the depression era in these days, while being completely outclassed and encircled by the world beast.) They had refused to sell their lot. (Like Naboth, they will refuse to sell their inheritance land [their lives] to Ahab, representing the beast.)

I was on what appeared to be a transparent racetrack in the air above their house. (We are running a spiritual race, which is unseen and above the church because it is in heavenly places.) I was running around on this track, preparing all sorts of healthy fruits and salads for God's people. (The Bride is preparing the Word for the people.)

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to go downstairs and feed the people. (She was to feed them the Gospel.) I went downstairs into the kitchen and dining area and set the food I had prepared near the double sink on the right side of the kitchen. I had a small plastic container of dried cranberries that I had prepared for myself that I set down with the other food. (Cranberries are a very healthy fall fruit but when dried they are preserved so they can be eaten any time of the year, like the Word that will go forth from the first-fruits Man-child ministry being anointed in the fall and preserved by many methods of recordings, so many can partake of them any time. The Bride will be first to partake of this ministry. Cranberries are the color of blood, representing those who are washed in it and have lived the crucified life.)

I didn't charge anything for the food I had prepared. (The Bride gives the clean Word of God freely.) There was another fruit stand in the dining room with a sign on it that read $1.00 each. (The harlot church merchandises the Word.) Nobody was at the stand. It was deserted. Nobody was running it and nobody was buying the fruit. (An abomination of desolation. The Holy Spirit and the righteous will be leaving the apostates who make merchandise of the Word. God's true people will not buy the harlot food anymore.)

There was a huge, polished, wooden statue of the Babylonian king standing in the center of the fruit stand. (The harlot church is united with the beast and worships its image.) It was as tall as a large tree, with a bald eagle in front of him with its wings spread back against his sides. It was all carved out of the same piece of wood. (The one world order is being carved out. The large tree was the Babylonish head of gold in the image of the beast in Daniel 2 and 3 that was hewn down and conquered.)

As I was looking up at the head of the statue, I heard a faint rumbling. I became disoriented or it seemed as if the statue was about to fall over on me. I quickly looked away from it and the fear left me. (Babylonish U.S. is about to incur devastating earthquakes; the rumblings are already being heard in fault zones. As long as we look at the physical when things begin to fall apart, we will be fearful, but if we turn to the Word, the fear will leave and will not fall with the U.S. {Isa.26:3} Thou wilt keep [him] in perfect peace, [whose] mind [is] stayed [on thee]; because he trusteth in thee.)

I remembered my cranberries and went back to the sink area to get them. (The Bride will remember the Man-child teachings and will be able to feed many.) Three women who looked like my mom came and received my food joyfully and thankfully. (When the shakings above begin, many from the church who have scoffed at the Man-child teachings will receive them with joy from the Bride because they are answers and deliverance in tribulation.) I was glad they appreciated it but I noticed my cranberries were gone! I was disappointed because I cherished eating them because they were sweet and sour at the same time. (In reality I don't care for cranberries that much.) (The cranberries represent the Word through the Man-child: sweet in your mouth but bitter to your belly, representing death to the flesh.)

I then went back over to the fruit stand and a woman appeared in a white and black maid outfit. She was violently stirring a bowl of ingredients and resentfully preparing the "kings' dainties" for him and his household, she said. I then looked over to the left of the fruit stand and saw two kings sitting and dining together. They were dressed in royal robes with their crowns on their heads. The Babylonian king was on the left and the Persian king was to his right. Servants waited on them as they dined. As I looked at the Babylonian king, his image alternated with that of Obama's. He was pretending to be the Persian king's friend but secretly was intending to destroy him and the Persian kingdom. (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is being served by Obama's servants who are covertly "violently stirring" the Middle East nations of factionalized Islam and, in effect, delivering them over to unceasing war. The value of Iran's oil is increasing as the other M.E. nations' oil is being cut off, which nullifies the effects of the embargo. The powers that be who own the capped wells in the U.S. will soon open them because of the high price of oil. The destruction of these nations was predicted in Jeremiah 25 where at the end of this list of nations Babylonish U.S. overthrows is Iran.)

As I came up behind them, I saw my cranberries in a decorative clear glass candle holder setting in front of the Persian king. I reached in between them and quickly took the candle holder and emptied the cranberries into my right hand and placed the candle holder back in front of the Persian king. Suddenly, a hand appeared out of nowhere and replaced my cranberries with a crimson candle in the candle holder, escaping the notice of the kings. (The Man-child ministry served both of these kings in Daniel, as they will today. The Bride, Eve, will partake of the fruit but they will partake of the light, as they did in Daniel's revelation. He, as the Man-child ministry of his day, gave much light from God to the rulers.)

(This reminds me of the handwriting on the wall in the book of Daniel to the Babylonian king that his kingdom would be given to the Medes and the Persians.) (The Man-child, Daniel, pronounced the judgment that the Persian bear would conquer the eagle. After Iran's fall, the remnants of them, as the Medo-Persian bear, will join with the modern bear of Russia to destroy the U.S. which is at the very bottom of the list in Jeremiah 25 to fall.)

The candle's wick had been lit in the past and was burnt, but was not currently lit, but soon to be lit again. (Jesus will soon return in the body of the Man-child to bring the light to the church and the rulers, once again, as persecution also returns.) I then turned and walked away, eating the cranberries out of my right hand. Then I woke up. (Those who increasingly come into the Bride will feed on God's Word through the Man-child and Bride.)

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