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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Healings of Brain Tumor; Staph Infection; Cracked Hip Bones


This is the testimony of both Shirley and Ceil.

Ceil is a member in the local fellowship and Shirley is her sister. I think that Shirley is a Catholic believer (not absolutely sure, but seem to remember this).

Shirley had come through cancer treatment before and it had gone into remission. However, a couple of months ago she was told that the cancer had come back in the form of a brain tumor and that she would need surgery to remove the tumor. She was scheduled for surgery.

Ceil, her sister, requested prayer for Shirley and when she went in for the scheduled surgery, there had been a mix-up at the hospital and her surgery had not been scheduled for the time she was told. Her doctor was there and upset by the mix-up. They told her they would have to reschedule.

In the meantime, Ceil was convinced that this was 'GOD' who had put off the surgery and she tried to convince Shirley that she should have another test before summiting to surgery, because 'she was healed' according to the agreement in prayer by all of us and the UBBS.

Because of this, Ceil, who was scheduled for surgery herself for hip replacement for cracks in the hip bones, decided to exercise her own faith and demanded that the doctor do new x-rays . He said this was unnecessary, but she insisted. The x-rays showed that the bones no longer had cracks in them. The doctor did not know what to make of this, but later said that she should go ahead with some other kind of treatments because something might be causing the bones to appear to be grown back together, and she needed these treatments. I guess the fact that she could now walk without problems didn't figure into his equation.

Ceil was sure that Shirley was healed also, because prayer had been answered in both cases. However, she could not convince Shirley to request another test before surgery. One reason being because the test itself would cost around $8,000.

Shirley had the brain surgery. They removed the top half of her skull. After surgery, she appeared to be doing fine. But a few days later, she started leaking spinal fluid. They then diagnosed her with meningitis. They brought her back into the hospital for treatment from the spinal fluid leakage. We requested prayer agreement once more for Shirley on the UBBS. She again started doing better and was sent home again.

One thing that the family noticed was that the doctor had never mentioned the tumor itself. After surgery the concern at that time was the spinal fluid leakage.

Shirley again had a relapse and was rushed to the hospital again. This time the family was told that she had developed staph infection. This was contracted at the hospital from the surgery itself. She had a large incision in her head that was oozing from the infection.

It was at this time that Ceil thought to question the doctor about the brain tumor. Ceil said that he looked down, then away, and finally said that the truth was that they had not found the tumor -- only scar tissue; a large mass of scar tissue.

Ceil said that Shirley said, "You mean I went through the surgery for nothing?"

It was sometime after this that the doctor excused himself from the case. Of course we know that there was no negligence on his part. We prayed that the tumor would be healed!

Staph infection had spread throughout Shirley's body and pus pockets were also found on her spine. They then removed her to another hospital.

They at that time did not expect Shirley to last through the night. She was now dying from the infection itself. Ceil again requested for agreement in prayer for God to have mercy on Shirley. This was on a Sunday and that night we asked for agreement in prayer with the UBBS.

By the following Sunday, all tests had come back negative for staph infection. She was totally free from infection. Shirley was doing fine other than some memory loss, that we know by faith will also disappear.

Shirley was scheduled to go home the next day (Monday), a week after being on her deathbed.

Sometime during this week, as she was in her hospital bed, she said the "LORD" spoke to read Psalm 38:5. She had no idea what this scripture said. Psalm 38:5 says, "My wound stinketh, and is corrupt because of my foolishness".

We thank God for his Faithfulness and Mercy in healing Shirley.



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