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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Capping the Riser for the Cameras

For some time the official report was that there was no oil beneath the surface. Scientific groups came forward to say they had found many miles of crude plumes beneath the surface extending to the sea floor going east, west and south around the tip of Florida and up the east coast. We have been consistently lied to. What is being hidden now?

Capping the riser has had no good effect on stopping the oil. BP's own video footage shows a blowout of the well casing underneath the sea floor which burst through the surface of the sea floor. Other videos confirm leakage from the sea floor. Even though the national news seems to be ignoring this in favor of celebrating the capping, it seems to be well known on the Internet. Research vessels have discovered many fissures in the sea floor miles from the well head with oil and methane escaping from them. Scientists say that the methane concentrations in the Gulf are 100,000 to a million times more than normal. BP knows and has confessed that the well casing has been breached. With so many other leaks, the capping of the riser amounts to a publicity stunt.

The admitted low test pressures in the capped well prove there is a breach in the well casing. When the well blew out BP would not reveal the normal operating pressure, so we don't know now whether their expected pressure is being low-balled to make the low test pressures look better than they really are. The fact that their scientists have admitted to be disturbed by the low test pressures should really make us sit up and take notice.

On top of that, pressurizing a damaged, eroded well is dangerous. Capping the riser only makes the threat worse. If one had a hole or holes in a garden hose and the end of the hose was open, only relatively small amounts of water would escape through the holes. However, if a nozzle was closed on the end of the hose, much more water would be forced out of the hole. In the well's case, all that escapes goes under the sea floor building a bubble that is cracking the sea floor and could soon erupt and explode sending a tsunami into the coasts. We have been told by scientists that methane leaking through fissures, formed because of a bubble beneath the sea floor is the sign of an imminent methane explosion. Now we are seeing these signs and they are being ignored.

In the distinct possibility that the relief wells fail to stem the leak, BP has gathered scientists to perfect a small nuclear bomb to focus energy to fuse the rock and seal the well through the relief wells. Meanwhile, the oil is continuing to gush out of the fissures and toward the rest of the world.

It has been reported that the government is taking the threat seriously by moving naval ships out of the Gulf to Costa Rica and by ordering U.N. troops 100 miles north of the coast. Would that the rest of us were that valuable in their eyes.


Here is a portion of Paul Jablonowski's newsletter sent to us on 7/21/10. If Matt Simmons is correct, they cannot tap into the casing because it has been eroded away and a nuke is their only hope of sealing the well.

It is with a heavy heart and a serious tone that I am writing this update to my last newsletter # 9 -"ALERT to Leave the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill". Last month I wrote regarding the toxic gas dangers in the air around the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Today this problem is even more dangerous and yet the U.S. government and BP Oil still refuse to tell the whole truth of what is really happening with this methane volcano on the Gulf floor.

The six inch wide "riser pipe" that was recently "capped" is totally irrelevant, and the open cauldron, which is miles from where BP's cameras are focused, continues to spew 120,000 barrels per day. This information comes from Matthew Simmons who is not only a leading expert in the oil industry, but also a previous National Energy Advisor to US Presidents! Matthew says, "this is the biggest cover up and con job we've ever seen". He also said, "the riser pipe is built into the the rig floor like a man hole cover", but this is the cover up! The real problem is the huge gaping well bore hole that has no casing or blow out preventer (BOP), so relief wells will not work!

in Mobile, Alabama where they took samples of water from seven different places on the beaches and all of them tested far above the 5 parts per million that the EPA recommends for a safe toxic level of oil in water. One of the samples even exploded upon testing! They figured the presence of either methane (methanol) or the chemical dispersant corexit in the water sample is what caused it to explode.

Also read Matt Simmons -- BP Cap Is Absurd

Note: Matt Simmons may be at least somewhat right since, according to information in the videos below, there were two wells planned and the first was abandoned when they went to the second. The abandoned well seems to be the one they capped for the cameras. The second well appears to be the one that blew up. The locations and paperwork filed by BP seem to prove this. You be the judge. Let's see how this plays out.

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