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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Catastrophe Delayed Momentarily

(See also Nuke Found in Arizona)
Robin Schenck - 11/30/2005 - 6:57 AM
(David's notes in red)

In a dream, I found myself, my two older brothers and many, many other people at a large concert hall. We were seated in a row not far from the front of the auditorium, maybe about 10 rows back from the stage. My eldest brother S--- was seated between my next oldest brother D---- and I. I was seated on the end of the row at the outside aisle or maybe there was one seat more to my left. The concert was about to begin. The concert began. There was also a man who I'd gone to high school with. He was in my oldest brother's class, so he was two years older than I. I had a major crush on this guy in high school. Now we were all grown up and at this concert together. As we sat there talking and preparing to see this concert my father who was outside the concert hall, unseen, sent in a message to my oldest brother to come out there - he wanted to talk to him. S--- (oldest brother) went out and came back with the message that father had said that he was not going to start the judgment just yet, the bad thing that he was about to do to the world, and that he did not want us to memorize or say/pray something just yet, lest we hinder something he wanted to do or prevent.

Since Jesus was the first born of many brethren He is our oldest Brother who brings the message of the "Father". Everything is already orchestrated and our parts are completely planned out like a concert but the time is delayed. This same thing happened to me three months before the end of 1998. God told me the judgment of America in 2000 would be delayed. But He said I was not to tell anyone, except our local congregation after a bit, so that the message of repentance and fear of the Lord would get out. Then three months before 2000 He said to tell them. Notice this dream was on 11-30 (or 11:30) just 30 minutes before midnight, which has been known as a time of judgment as with the Clock of atomic scientists. 6:57 is only 3 minutes before 7:00. 7 represents spiritual completeness.

The concert began and my brothers were both up on stage and also sitting next to me - strange. I was also supposed to be one of the musicians, but my cousin Y----- was up on stage with my brothers and playing a very bad cello solo segment of the piece of music they were performing. I kind of laughed at the sour notes she was playing and looked around at others, but I was proud of her anyway. (The Lord is proud of the young who as disciples offer their immature service to him.) My brother S--- and I switched seats when he came back with the message, so I did not have to get up again to let him sit in the middle, and he sat down and relayed the message to the other two of us. Father said he was going to wait a little while on the catastrophe he had just about begun, because of some intervention by prayers or requests of some kind. I asked my brother if father wanted us to leave the hall or what. My brother seemed to indicate that we were just to wait there for another signal, don't leave just yet, just wait. He sat down again with us. (We are just to stand down and wait for the resumption.) I was greatly agitated and knew that though the delay was spoken by father as the result of the intervention of believers' prayers and such, that the delay would be extremely short, that Father was not stopping the catastrophic event.

Later in this dream, I found myself at some other place where my physical fitness was being tested. I was on an exercise mat on the floor and I was doing sit-ups. I had to do at least 30 or 50 to prove good fitness. I began to do the sit-ups and was doing rather well. No one was holding my feet at all and I was just easily performing those sit-ups. I felt like I could go quite a long time and that 50 of them would not be a problem at all. I also noted that I was working to maintain just the right angle to maximize the effect on the abdominal muscles, so as not to cheat - I wanted to FEEL the muscles working properly.

We are to spiritually exercise ourselves unto Godliness to get prepared for this judgment while waiting.

The dream/prophecy below has been on our site for months here before the Greek named storms of 2005. It says that after these storms there would be a delay after which the explosions would happen. No one thought we would ever see Greek named storms but we just passed Epsilon, a new world record that one day will be broken.

Chaos and Woe
Messianic Pastor Caleb Kinley

Shabbat Shalom! May YHWH truly bless you this Shabbat and may He wrap His arms of love around you and embrace each of you into His glory. I have included a dream I had several times about a week or so ago. I'm not a prophet, and this is only a dream, but usually, at least parts (if not all) of some of my dreams do come true. For example, two weeks before Sept. 11th I did dream of the exact events, verified by my mother and my wife. About three days before the December 26 tsunami, I dreamed the tsunami would happen, and it came true, verified by my mother, my wife, and my congregational members as I shared the tsunami dream with my congregation. Again, I am not a prophet and I pray this does not alter anyone's opinion of me... :-) I'm too afraid to not share this dream and can only hope and pray this one does not transpire...anyway...

These were terrifying to me, to say the least. The dream began with a loud voice saying, "Thus saith Elohim, the wicked has witnessed 'chaos' and still they refuse to repent. 'Chaos times Chaos times Chaos'. They ignore my call and refuse to gather under my wings. 'Chaos time Chaos times Chaos'. They are busy bodies with idle hands, putty for evil, and they send a rancid stench to my nostrils. O miserable wretches they have become. They worship the sun and everything that is under the sun, but Me. They worship man, but not Me. They worship lust, but not Me. They worship envy and covetousness, but not Me. They worship power, money and fame, but not Me. They worship science and nature, but not Me. They bow down to pleasure for a season, and I will cut them off from among my people. Therefore, 'Chaos times Chaos times Chaos' will be their just reward.

"Watch and see O servant, watch and see the meaning of 'Chaos times chaos times chaos'. O servant, take and eat of this parchment, and your tears will be for visions and your tongue shall prophesy forth My words. Few will hear you speak of My words, and fewer will come forth and share the mantle of My blessings. Many will not believe and will continue in their sin, and make great hate of you and the rest of My servants. The infidels will despise my people and bear false witness to try and remove the virtue from My bride. But the light of your menorah will not burn out. Thus saith Elohim YHWH". (There was more that I just cannot remember right yet).

I was then lifted up above the high mountains by a breeze of wind and the wind was like an invisible floor so that I was able to stand in the sky and see the earth through the wind like it had a glass floor. There were great movements of water in the oceans/seas (hurricanes?) bearing Greek names that caused more flooding and wreaked more devastation. The came a pause, and I'm not sure if the days of the pause represent days, months or years. But once the quiet pause was completed, there was four or five great lights coming from the ground that turned the mountains into dust and rubble. Some like Chuck Youngbrandt have said that the Lord has, through concerted prayer, knocked this 4 or 5 explosions down to 1 or 2 in the U.S. But that does not mean that there will not be more in Iran or even Israel. This is what I suspect.

The flesh of people from miles away dissolved and all that was left from those who perished were their skeletons, clean down to the bones. They had no eyes and their eye sockets were clean as if someone used bleach to clean out a white plate. Many who survived were maimed, amputees, and as they wept, bright green tears mixed with blood melted away the parts of their face made wet by their tears with a fizzing sound like Alka-seltzer. They had no eyelids as their eyelids dissolved because of their tears, and their eyes swelled up until they looked bug-eyed. It was then that the skeletons of the dead came alive and hunted the living and killed whoever they caught (i.e. pandemic-disease?).

And then the earth opened in many places, swallowing up many of those who survived the bright lights, and the oceans and seas grew large, sending waves and storms, too many to count. The dead of many floated on the water and included women, children, babies, animals, men, and cities once hidden from water were now covered in water. And the rivers and the oceans and the seas cried because they were polluted by rotten flesh and blood. I could hear the cries of thousands of people and the cries made my ears have sharp pains so that I had to put my fingers in my ears. And many of the living blasphemed YHWH and searched for His people to place blame on us. They said "let us find the bride and eat their flesh, for it will taste sweet like honey".

Then I saw great famine, such as has never been. Rich nations were now begging for bread and were happy to pay much money for rotten bread covered with worms. And many began drinking unclean water from rivers and oceans and seas that were still full of dead human flesh. And some would drain the blood of their children and roast their child over an open fire, and then feast upon their children, drinking their blood while eating their flesh, and being merry. And disease stood tall, and caused many more to perish.

Amos Skaggs said: God said He would postpone the destruction on America one more time to show His mercy to the believer because they prayed for this country. BUT HE WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN. I saw this Aug. 3, 2005 and recorded it also.

Will the next great judgment on the U.S. be delayed?

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