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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Delivered from Massive Credit Card Debt

Tim and LaDona Hobbs

Dear David and friends,

Five years ago, God had delivered me out of a $40,000 credit card debt. It took one year for Him to do that and I also received a clear warning from Him to stay out of debt.

Well, time has passed and I failed to heed His warning. This last December of 2005, I was once again in debt...this time a huge $50,000 in credit card debt from a home business venture. This debt was choking the business and our very financial existence.

I came across your website and the Lord directed me to read Is Debt Scriptural? After reading the teaching, I was severely convicted of the Lord and decided I was a total failure when it came to letting God be in control of the finances. I asked the Lord for forgiveness and then prayed, "Well, Lord, I failed You once again and how can You even forgive me when I had such a clear warning from You in the past?" And then, with some tears, I later prayed, "Lord, I guess the only thing to do now is talk to my lawyer about bankruptcy proceedings".

Well, little did I know that God was very soon to have different plans for my wife, our two children and me.

Two weeks later, a brush fire with high winds came through the countryside of the city where we live in New Mexico. We called it the "tornado fire". The high winds wildly directed the fire to consume random property and four homes. Yes, our home and greenhouses (our business was a bedding plant nursery) was totally burned to the ground while our neighbors' homes to our sides and directly across the street were miraculously spared. We had 10 minutes to get out. Fortunately, the home was insured, but not the business. The amazing thing was, the insurance company kept finding little things on our property and would say, "Oh, yes, you are covered on this and also on that".

To our utter amazement, the insurance company gave us a check to cover our mortgage loan and an extra $50,000 that we then used to pay for the business debt. A local church has let us stay in a home that they own and I soon found work.

Neighbors, friends and family cannot figure out why we were not "down in the dumps" after the fire. They do not understand the joy that has returned to our lives once the dreaded burden of debt was lifted.

God is faithful and works all things for good. Yes, He even allowed our loss of material things to re-teach us a lesson that should have been learned five years ago. Now every day my wife and I ask the Lord for guidance, wanting to find His perfect will for our lives.

God has once again picked me up after I have fallen. He is full of mercy.

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