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Angels Pushed the Darkness Out
Charlie Smith - January 10 � 20, 2018

Part 1 - I Received The Holy Spirit

Around January 10th, 2018, while thinking about my birthday that was coming up on January 17, I had this thought:  Why don�t you ask Father for a gift; your birthday is coming up.  I laughed and said, Well, I don�t know if I should.  I am not a child any longer but a man.  I forgot about it for a while and the thought came again.  So I changed my mind and said I think I will ask, but I gave no more thought about asking for a gift until the day before my birthday.

I humbled myself and became as a little child.  I said, Father, I wish to ask you Father, for a gift of your own choice.  Thank you, Father.  You know what I have need of.  Days later, on the afternoon of my birthday, January 17, I was studying the Word and I heard a voice saying, I have a gift for you � and it shook me.  I thanked Father for the gift and prayed for a while and went to bed.  I never saw any gift, but I know Father had one for me.

Friday night meeting, January 19.  We had a good meeting.  We, the brothers and sisters, were asked if anyone needed prayer or would like to be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.  I was one of those that raised my hand to receive.  The Spirit was all over me.  I felt so good.  After a while, the meeting broke and we started to head home.  When someone asked me, Charlie, did you receive tonight?  I said, Yes, I did.  Did you speak in tongues?  I said, The tongues are not manifested yet, but they will.

I went home, went to bed and prayed.  I thanked Father for a good meeting that night at church and also thanked Him for the Holy Spirit.  I woke up early Saturday morning about 5:00, January 20.  I thought, Well, while I am awake, I can pray for a while.  I went to thank Father for the Holy Spirit and for helping me to speak in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.  When I said, Thank you Father, God�s Spirit came all over me, from my feet to my head, like electricity.  As I raised my hands, dear brethren, I spoke in tongues for more than an hour and a half.  My sister Linda heard me in the other side of the house.

Something I forgot:  Father told me on my birthday, which was January 17, on Wednesday, He said in a still small voice, He did not forget me.  He said, You will receive your gift on the morning of the third day.  It was like Hosea 6:1-3.  It�s true � God did not forget.  But I did, because my birthday was on January 17 Wednesday, but I received right on time, January 20 Saturday morning.

PART 2 -  The Seven-Day Fast [The command of the Lord was No Food No Drink, and on the 8th Day Rejoice] February 26 � March 4

Our 7-day fast was a good fast.  I think it was demanding physically and spiritually, but needed.  We must be strong to receive a stronger anointing and greater power from Father.  Some suffered for lack of body moisture, body aches and pains, as well as some hardship.  But that is not bad but a good thing, because we came forth, we pressed in, and endured to the end.  Fastings make strong soldiers for the Lord.

PART 3  - March 1 & 2  The Angels Came (to cleanse the house)

It was while Linda and I were about halfway in our 7-day fast, that we had a visit from the angels of God.  It was the night of March 1, 2018, around 8:00 pm.  I had just finished praying in the Spirit and was in bed when I opened my eyes and there stood a host of angels before me.  As I looked around the room, I noticed three different groups of angels.  As I slowly looked around the room, it looked as if there could have been as many as 20 or 30 in number.  Their garments bright white as the sun.

The first group of two or three stood out more than the rest, because of their size.  They stood about 8-feet tall.  There was one of these that stood in each back corner of the bedroom, and a third walked around the room.  Each of the three looked like shafts of bright light about 6 inches round, top to bottom.  These three had charge or control over everything.  The second group:  Their shape was round, like a bright ball of light, maybe 16 inches around.  Also there were smaller round lights, maybe 8 to 10 inches around.  These lights were everywhere, looking at the walls, the floor, even the overhead, everything.

Then a third group came into the room, different from the first two groups.  These were flying high above me, while I was laying in bed.  They looked like vapor of cloud or a vapor of gas as they flew over and above me.  Their bodies flowed like the wind.  As they flew over me, they would touch me.  They repeated this for a good while.  As they did this, I could see their head and face looking forward and their hands in front of them.  They may have been as many as 10 in this group.  They would dive over me for what seemed like 10 or 12 minutes and touch me before leaving.

While all this was going on, orders were given, and every group had work to do, which was to remove all darkness from the house, from my house spiritually and the physical house.  With their hands they removed very large portions of darkness from the house.  Every piece of darkness, large or very small, they removed and took it away.  As they continued to work and clean the house, they also were cleaning my house also.  After about 40 minutes, my bedroom walls, overhead, floor, doors � everything clean and shining bright.  The whole room was a soft glow.  And when they were done with my house (spiritually), I also had light in me and on me.  I was so clean from the sin I didn�t know I had, as well as a lot of darkness (sin), that I had picked up along the way during my life.

I know when I was saved and made clean by the Lord in the past, but along the way I had picked up so much baggage or darkness along the way.  God help me.  After all of this, the angels went to Linda�s bedroom.  Her room, or house, was cleansed also, but was in better shape than me and my house.  Within an hour and a half the work was done and the angels left.

On the very next night, March 2, around 9:00 pm, and we were still on the 7-day fast, the angels returned.  Only three angels came this time.  They looked at us for a minute or two and left.  I think they wanted us to know that they are always with us.

Note:  The angels that were with Linda wore blue while the angels that came to me wore bright white.  * The latter house shall have more glory than the former house.  GOD BLESS

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