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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Chechnya and World War

Jan Albayalde

As I listened to David talk tonight about the possible coming of the man-child, I remembered a dream I had the summer of 2004. I shared it with Deborah Horton and a couple others at that time. The dream was simply the headline of a newspaper that covered half the page and read: April 19 WORLD WAR

Then I turned the page and all it read, again half page type, was: CHECHNYA

When April 19 came and went last year and nothing happened, I thought maybe it had just been a dream or would happen some other April, but I wondered why would the world go to war over Chechnya and if the Lord wasn't telling me something, why would I dream about Chechnya of all places?

Ever since the 2nd millennium B.C., the Ingushs and the Chechens were both known as the Nakhchmatyan, Kist, Gligv or Dzurdzuk people. They have come to introduce themselves as Veinakh ("our people"), a closely-knit ethnic community.

Deborah Horton wrote: Interesting fact: The capital of Chechnya, Groznyy, is not a Chechnyan word at all. It is Russian and it means "terror".

David's notes: Chechnya is the tiniest of provinces that likely will have a part in bringing the next World War. Even though Chechnya is being called "the breakaway republic", it is still recognized as part of Russia. Chechnya has much more in common with Iran than Russia. The Russians know of Iran's support for the Chechens but they value Iran as a trading partner. Chechnya is to Russia what Iran is to the U.S. and both have supported Al Qaeda to war against the West. The "Chechen network" has supplied missiles that have been smuggled into the U.S. They were involved in the 1999 conspiracy to bomb Los Angeles International Airport. Chechen rebels sold nukes to Al Qaeda that they stole or bought from the Russians. They are known to have chemical and biological agents such as botulin, ricin and cyanide. The U.S. is about to get hit hard, possibly with Chechen supplied hardware. I suspect Israel will also be hit. Then the U.S. will hit Iran and the war will spread to Iraq and the Middle East as a whole. The U.S. and Russia have a common enemy in this and I wouldn't be surprised if they teamed up on some of this.

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