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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Natural Child Birth

Darren Gallant

I just wanted to take a moment and share a testimony with you about the hand of God in the birth of our daughter, Emily Nicole Gallant, this week. God helped deliver my daughter from death.

On Monday morning at 8am my wife and I went into the hospital to have our daughters birth induced at 8am. My wife started going into labor around 9am that morning.

My wife continued in labor until 8pm that evening. It was a very long and extremely painful labor. She dilated from 2cm to 5cm between the time of 8am and 8pm.

Around 8pm that night my wife was having severe pain with her contractions and with every contraction the babies heart rate would drop down to a very dangerous level.

Our doctor called in the specialist who performed emergency C sections. They had already attached a wire to our daughters head while she was still in the womb to monitor the heart beat to make sure the numbers were accurate. The doctors agreed that if they did not do a C section immediately that our daughter could die in birth. Now keep in mind my wife at this point was only 5cm dilated and not ready to give birth yet.

The surgeon then left the room to call in the team for the operation and to have scrubs brought in for us all. I then felt the Holy Spirit rise up in my being and I laid hands on my wife and commanded the heart beat to rise in Jesus name and the heart beat rose back to a safe level. I then again laid hands on my wife and prayed that God would touch my wife and child and help with the delivery and immediately my wife opened her eyes and screamed I have to push and the head of our daughter began to show. Our daughter then was born in about 1 minute's time.

Everyone in the room looked at me at that point with mouths on the floor and exclaimed wow I have never seen anything like that. I began to praise God and witness to the awesome power of our Lord and how real he is.

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