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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Jesus Bore the Pain of Child Birth
Jenni Bishop - 07/23/2007 - 12:42 am

Hello, all! Some people have been waiting for this testimony, so here it is! The Lord is very faithful indeed!

With my last pregnancy, the Lord began showing me that we are not under the curse of pain in childbirth. At first, although I believed it, this was a hard one for me because while I don't love pain, I loved the tribulation of labor and I always felt that it helped to bond me to the babies. But the Lord really put it on my heart that Jesus bore this pain for me and to ignore His finished work so that I could keep a curse was ridiculous, and that I should instead look forward to the joys that come with a painless labor in faith.

The whole rest of that pregnancy it was firmly set in my heart that the birth would be painless and that I would fight the good fight and take over that land that was given to us. When I went into labor I faithfully began to rebuke the pain that came with each contraction and each time the pain would instantly go away while I could still feel that the contraction was going on. It continued that way for a couple hours and I was very pleased and encouraged by that but then my midwife and her assistant showed up at my house and it became very casual and everyone was talking and laughing and I made the mistake of letting myself get distracted from the battle at hand. Instead of stopping with each contraction and actively believing and rebuking the pain, I began to talk with everyone else and forget the goal and before I knew it the pain was ahead of me and had grown so much that I was not able to get back on top of it and believe and fight it. While there was a lot of pain in the rest of that labor because of my lack of diligence, I will say the Lord was still faithful and did make it a lot better than my other labors and never did I get to the point where I felt I couldn't do it anymore.

With this new pregnancy, I knew from the beginning that I was in another position to take over that land that the Lord paid to give us and through the whole pregnancy I prayed and believed that there wouldn't be pain and that I would not get distracted this time but that I would stay in the battle. I found out I was pregnant on July 2, 2006 and I was very content to trust the Lord for the time of the birth but I didn't really expect it to happen the day that it did. A few weeks before the birth we found out that my midwife would not be coming to our house for the birth because she lived too far away and was also pregnant and too due to drive that far, so at first my husband was discouraged and said we were going to go to the hospital. Thankfully he changed his mind and said we could still do it at home but he still really was concerned over this and he didn't want to "catch"; he was worried that if something went wrong and our midwife wasn't there he wouldn't know what to do. I offered to pray that I went into labor when he wasn't home so that I could do it alone because I was not worried and was just trusting the Lord about it all but he did not like that idea.

July 4, 2007 we decided to have a family get-together since everyone was off of work that day, so we had brothers and sisters and husbands and wives and parents and their children over to our home to have a cook-out and do some fireworks in the yard. Most of that day I was having contractions on and off and I was trying to just do some work, then sit and rest to calm them down so the baby wouldn't be born that day with everyone there but the Lord had other plans. By about 10:30 I realized the contractions were now regular and getting harder and it was going to be then so we got ready. I was fighting the pain with each contraction and of course the Lord is faithful and always is present and on time, never late or absent! I had decided from the last time to learn from the situation so I knew I needed to stay diligent and not let the pain get ahead of me, and I knew I did not want to make the battle a complicated one because it can be hard to think of a lot of things when you are in labor so I stuck to a few small, powerful things to battle with. When I would have a contraction, I would either tell my flesh that I did not accept any pain and that Jesus is our savior so it does no good to cry out to me in pain, or I would say that Jesus already bore this pain and removed my curse and then command the pain to stop.

By about 10:45 I needed my husband to come in and be with me while everyone else did fireworks in my yard and I decided to get in the bathtub and stay there for the labor. We prayed for a fast painless labor and asked for it to only be a half-hour. I continued to fight with each contraction and there was only a small bit of pain that remained, nothing at all like what I had had before with my babies. Also with each contraction I would ask my husband to pray and after quite a few times of that my husband said to me, "Honey, you are not believing your prayers. I have already prayed and believe. I can keep praying if you want me to but I believe what we prayed". I instantly knew he was right and was quite surprised that he said that to me.

At about 11:30 we knew that if the Lord planned to have this baby's birthday be July 4 then we could only have 30 minutes to go, but we realized He may have ordained the birthday to be July 5, in which case we had at least 31 minutes to go and my husband thought it was going to be the 5th because that is 5 days before his birthday and he felt that was how it was going to be and he told me that must mean something but I don't know what. I told him that 5 is the number of grace so the 5th of July and five days before his birthday is like double grace! He was happy about that and said, "Wow, I figured it had to mean something". Whenever it seemed at all like it was getting harder he would remind me of how much the Lord had done for us and how perfectly He had been working everything out recently and that if He can do all that, there was no reason He could not bring that baby out easy and fast! He was so right about that and I was encouraged not only in myself for myself but also for him, that he could see and believe that also. I could tell the worry he had before was gone. Sometime in there he asked if he should check me for dilation but I said no because we were not going to walk by sight but instead believe what we had prayed for and it didn't matter what it would look like, that could only serve to possibly discourage my faith and it was better to just believe and not need to know since those things don't really matter when God is in charge anyways. A bit later my husband wanted me go to the bedroom for a bit because of how hot it was in the bedroom and a couple minutes after we were in there I began to go into transition to the third stage of labor which I was pleased that I could tell, NOT because of the pain I would normally have but because of the shaking that begins to happen. We went back to the bathtub to do the pushing and I asked my husband to just command the baby to come out but he said he couldn't do that. With each contraction and pushing he would say move down baby, come right out (which I thought was wonderful because he was commanding it; I guess it just didn't seem that way to him because it wasn't in a commanding voice). I continued to push and think to myself, "Come right out, bring it right out Lord". But my water had not broken yet so in between I also was thinking, ok, I gotta push and get this water broke so the baby can come out a few contractions after.

But big surprise! Four or five times of pushing and I could feel the head and one push later she was out! When she came out she had her right leg up wrapped over her shoulder with her foot behind her head and her right arm up in front of her leg. She was born at 1:01 am July 5. Her name is Avyah-Ari Dannyah which means (Yah is my Father - lion judge of Yah), so in the end the labor was very short, with very, very little pain!

Thank You, Father!

God Bless all! Believe the Lord's promises. He does not lie or say no to a prayer that He already answered in Jesus!

Jenni Bishop - 12/19/2007

I would like to tell briefly of lessons I received from three pregnancies. Mostly because there was glory for the Lord in each of them and they have been told in part with the first child and the third but not the second which was the biggest testimony and lesson for me.

The first of these three I only have a little to share about. I was pregnant at the same time as my sister Leisa Miller whose testimony of the 18-month pregnancy ran along side this one of mine. We got pregnant on the same day and the Lord was very merciful to use my pregnancy as a physical example to us of her pregnancy. The way He did this was that we were always in the same place at the same time in the pregnancy. She would always call me first and say to me that she was having this or that physical " symptom" or physical change and I always would say, "Me, too!" So they ran side by side, although our midwife that we shared could see that I was pregnant and was blinded to her being pregnant. Because of this it taught me many things about not needing to walk by sight. Besides this my husband and I learned another lesson. He had thought the Lord told him that our baby was a boy so we stood in faith for a boy and confessed to everyone it was a boy but when the birth came, it was a girl! As soon as she came out the Lord told my husband "You did want a girl", which he had. This was very confusing because it was not as we thought but we came to understand about getting confirmations for things after that which was an important lesson. This taught us that sometimes we can think a dream or word came from the Lord but that it is wise to ask Him to confirm these things are from Him so that we do not believe something falsely.

The second pregnancy came right after. My baby was born on October 8th and I found out I was pregnant again on Dec 22. This pregnancy went normal until about a month and a half before the birth. My midwife had found two heartbeats and then I asked the Lord for a sign if it was twins and He confirmed it by lot. Then my son asked if he could ask the Lord (which for his faith I said yes) and the Lord told him yes also by lot. Then I called my sister and because I couldn't believe what I was believing I asked her to ask the Lord if it was twins without telling her that He had answered me already. He also told her yes by lot and when she was on the phone her daughter heard us talking about it being twins and she went and asked the Lord by lot if it was twins, not knowing we had all asked and the Lord told her yes also. So that was so far one physical confirmation (two heartbeats) and 4 by lot. After that I felt both babies, my husband felt both and my sister felt both (that is 7 confirmations). Then she found two heartbeats again in the middle of that time (8 confirmations); then when I was in labor 8 hours before the birth she found two again, and after that did not find two anymore.

When the baby was born it was one very large boy, and no other baby. (The Lord had also confirmed it was a boy and girl before.) He was born such a loud baby. He screamed as soon as He was born and sounded like a full-grown baby, not a newborn. I could not believe how loud he was and he also had silver hair. I have never seen hair that color before -- it was amazing. We had planned to name the girl Zealiyah and the boy Zealeon but now there was just one and his name did not fit so it took 3 days to decide on Kaleb-Zechariah Daniel. I was very confused. I did not comprehend where the girl was. I knew the Lord is faithful and does not lie. I knew there were twins and I had no idea why that was not what was born and I knew the Lord would eventually give me understanding. But in the first two weeks I did have anger in me for the first time towards the Lord and I had to fight it because I knew whatever happened the Lord was right. But I had thought that nothing could happen to make me angry at the Lord and this showed me that is not true. After two weeks I prayed and ask the Lord to tell me through my husband's mouth what happened. Minutes later without telling my husband what I asked for, he came out in the kitchen and told me that he had prayed for it not to be twins because he felt so overwhelmed about it and that maybe God answered his prayer. I knew right away that was my answer and I was very happy to know and understand and I was not mad at anyone and I was glad that the Lord is merciful. (Since this time my husband has had a hard time believing that it truly was twins because he says it would make him so sad to know he prayed one of his girls away, but I know the Lord answers what is right and good and merciful and the Lord revealed to me more about this and its spiritual significance which I will show at the end of this.) I also had faith for no pain in this birth and with each contraction I would tell my body the truth, that Jesus bore that pain and with each contraction the pain would immediately disappear; but I got distracted in the process as it went on and people were talking and I lost my diligence and the pain came back and got ahead of me. So I also learned more diligence and also that these pains have truly been bore by Jesus and we can see the manifestation by faith in His finished work.

With this baby it was almost 11 months from the time that the Lord confirmed I was pregnant until he was born.

With the third pregnancy the birth testimony is already posted above because I believed for no pain so that part I will not share. What I would like to share is what happened during the actual pregnancy. (I will say I have learned that when you give all over to the Lord and no longer seek the world and its answers and ways, the Lord no longer needs to do anything "normally" but all things are a way of faith. LOL)

On July 2 the Lord confirmed that I was pregnant. I saw my midwife in the end of august and she checked me in all the ways that you do and she confirmed how far along I was, my fundus was in the right place, etc. As it went I had all the normal signs that come at each stage, etc. Then in November, right after Thanksgiving, I was sick with some strange symptoms and we do not go to the doctor but my husband was worried and made me go to the hospital, so I submitted to him and went. Up until this point I was feeling the baby moving and I was seeing my belly begin to grow. At each stage I was seeing exactly the right physical signs of pregnancy.

When we got there I told them my symptoms and how far along I was pregnant, etc. The doctor came and did a sonogram and acted strangely. He kept asking me what my midwife said about how far along I was. Then his machine did not work right so he sent me down for another one with a different machine and that came back and he again asked me about who my midwife was and what she said and why I thought I was pregnant. Then he told me that I was only about 6 weeks pregnant. I knew that wasn't true but again the Lord blinded the men and machines and He is faithful to test us and not let us go to trust in men when we know to trust in Him. AMEN. I should have known that the methods of men do not work for daughters of God when we live a life by faith. It also helped to loosen by husband from any faith at all in doctors to save us since the doctor's machine did not even work and he wanted to criticize us and our midwife.

Now the odd thing was this: Up until this time everything happening to me seemed to be as far along as I was. But after this day it was as if I was back at that point which made me realize I had to believe what the Lord said and showed, not what was seen or felt. The Lord was also merciful to have the whole time before the hospital be "normal" in the way of feeling the baby and seeing the growth, etc. So that when it felt and appeared different after the hospital I knew it was just a test to see if I would believe the Lord or the bad report from the doctors (See above testimony. With her she was born a year and three days after the Lord confirmed that I was pregnant.)

Recently I was meditating on what physical things mean spiritually. I was thinking about the fruit of Christ and how you measure fruit when it is manifest (born) in us the way we measure and weigh babies when they are born. Then the Lord showed me something interesting about these pregnancies.

My husband and I began with this first baby by asking the Lord to give him a job to support more babies which we believed was God's will. This began a trial that we are just now in the end of. We did not know what we were asking! While we were deciding to bear fruit for God to raise in Him, God knew He would use this to raise His spiritual fruit in us. What He showed me was that when I was in that second pregnancy it was twins and it was because my husband and I were both carrying spiritual fruit and this part of the trial had born a lot of spiritual fruit in me which is why the physical fruit was so big (my son); but my husband's trial was so hard on him and not bringing out a lot of fruit and the Lord showed me that He was merciful to my husband in that time because his labor for that spiritual fruit at that time would have been so hard because he was not ready to bare it which is by example my daughter whom my husband prayed to not have to have twins. Her name would have been Zealiyah which means "the my zeal of YAH" -- and at that point in our trial my husband would have had such terrible labor to bear zeal of God so he was spared. In other words, my husband would have had a lot of increased trial at that time to come anywhere near being zealous for God. Then my husband's fruit was postponed until this last child whose name is Avyah-Ari Dannyah which means "Yah is my father Lion judge of Yah". And if you could see the manifested fruit of Christ in my husband now, you would see its boldness fits the name .So what the Lord was showing me was an example of bearing physical fruit and spiritual fruit and how in this case my husband was spared from bearing that spiritual fruit until later and when he could bare it, it was bold and that is exactly what I have seen come forth from my husband.

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