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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Chosen to Show God's Glory

Mary Clark - 04/26/2007

unthinkable - unimaginable, impossible, fantastic, unbelievable, incredible, improbable, extraordinary

I want to talk to you about the unthinkable. What I am going to do is unthinkable. No man on the face of the earth could ever think up, ever even imagine, what I am about to bring forth. No man on the face of the earth could ever think up the wonders that I am about to present. It is utterly impossible, absolutely impossible!

Keep this in mind when My mighty forces present the coming scenario. Keep this in mind when you see mind-boggling events. Keep this in mind when you see mankind standing agog, looking as if they have seen a ghost or something equivalent. Yes, keep it in mind that I told you that I was going to do the unthinkable. Keep it in mind that I told you that I was going to surprise you with the most extraordinary. Keep it in mind when you see the most incredible sights you have ever seen, much less experienced.

Yes, I want you to remember My words when this fantastic display occurs in your vicinity and remember that I told you in advance. Yes, I always let My beloved children know in advance, and this is the season, beloved, for the unthinkable. It is approaching with great rapidity. It is coming by My hand. Stand back and watch as I present My last day scenario and know deep within your heart that all is coming forth for a reason. All is coming forth for a very good purpose. You will see that purpose arise solidly in lives all across the face of the earth, and you will vow that your God does all things well. Yes, you will vow that it is GOOD, mighty GOOD. In fact, you will say that it is unthinkable, and too good for words, too good to be true, but true, yes, true it will be.

Yes, true it will be, and you will know that your Beloved has shown forth His mercy in this final hour to bring forth His glory-filled presence for all to see and to know that He is alive and He lives mightily in His chosen. Yes, I live mightily in those called by My name. My very own chosen are arising with purpose to show forth My glory, and what the world will see will be unthinkable, but it will be true, true to My word, a true to life display of the wonders of the living God, shining forth in vast array for all to see and to know that the eternal King has a purpose and has carried it through. Unthinkable? I think not, beloved. I think not. Did I not think? Did I not bring it into existence? Not so unthinkable. No, not so unthinkable at all. Not for Me, anyway!!!

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