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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Christians Feed the Coming Needy

Annie Cassity - 09/01/2008

Four years ago, I dreamed that I had awakened like I had each morning around 6:10 am when the rooster crowed so I could feed the hens. My routine was/is the same: Get up, go to the kitchen to get the bowl of food scraps to feed the hens and head out the back door to the barn. The bowl I was carrying was small and the scraps from the night before were nothing for the hens to get excited about. We didn't have much to give to them. I opened the back door and I remembered holding the little bowl very carefully as so not to drop any of the food. I began to close the door behind me when I happened to look out onto the back acreage and saw that our field was FULL of people.

3.5 acres full of people standing shoulder to shoulder staring at me as if they had expected me to come out that door. None were sitting. No one was smiling and no one was speaking. I saw children with their parents and old people of some means and middle-aged people and young adults clinging to each other. Some people who were clearly of some importance in world social circles whose time was normally filled with T.V. interviews and show hosts asking them their advice about many subjects. There were people from every nation. All were Americans but all were without color like a black and white photograph. Even as they all stood out in the field I could still hear the wind on the grass where they stood and field birds singing within.

I stood motionless and thought to myself, "Who are they and what do they need?" I was fearful. I thought that we would be unable to feed them with such a small amount of food -- and scraps at that. I wanted to get the food to the hens but was not sure how these people would act toward me. I turned back to the door which was still partially opened and called for my husband to come to me. I was afraid. Then I awoke.

I dreamed this again about six months later with the exact same detail. I told the Bible study group we are with and they jotted it down on the prayer list of dreams and visions.

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