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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Church Oblivious to Judgment at Hand

C. L. Gregory - 07/28/2010
(David's notes in red)

A few days ago, God spoke a verse to me and since then it has led to other verses and thoughts, and they all consist of the last days and the state of the church and this nation.

Long story short, last night I was going to bed, when I asked the Lord to show me what He was trying to tell me and I believe I got my answer.

I dreamed I was driving at night up a road much similar to a rural area of a Tennessee mountain town. In the passenger side was my grandmother (why she was in the dream was beyond me). (Like grandmother, the Church has been with us for many years.) As we drove, I noticed we approached a hill and there was a small gas station on the left side of the road, but what I saw farther up the road shook me with fear.

As I was nearing the very small station, I saw up the hill and over the top was a large mountain, a volcano, which was erupting but there was no sound, no thunder, no nothing. Imagine the night image of a volcano with a large mushroom cloud as flakes of ash are falling down. (A quiet, unheardof judgment from hell is in the direct path of the end-time fruit of the woman Church, represented by Gregory. This could also be a warning of the oil and gas volcano that is erupting quietly under the sea through the well and fissures, sending its fallout quietly upon the land through poisoned air and rain and disruption of the sea, air and weather currents. Or possibly the Biloxi Dome, which has been likened to an undersea volcano, releasing its bubble of oil and gas, which, according to scientists, has been quietly venting through fissures in the sea floor.)

I turned into the gas station and ran over to the woman attendant and told her to run, get away, for the volcano had erupted. (A warning to those who, like the "small" Philadelphia Church, have "a little power", represented by the "very small station". These will escape the judgment, since only those with the Spirit listen to such warnings.) What got me was, my grandmother, old and wise in her years, was alert at first and was telling me advice about life and things, but then she fell asleep. (We have heard the teachings of the early Church but in these days many of those who have them have fallen asleep and they are ignorant of the judgment that is continuing to happen.)

For some odd reason, I could not drive the car away, for only she could drive it, but she kept falling asleep, but I had to act quickly. (Those who are members of this Church must awaken to escape on their own but we can help them by our strength through faith and prayer.) I picked up my grandmother up into my arms. She still would not wake up, even though the danger was nearing us. In my spirit, I knew that the most dangerous event was the volcano's silence. As we left, I peered out of the mirror and the volcano was getting more violent. (We must repent, meaning turn around, and escape putting the judgment in our rear view mirror.)

We finally made it to a shelter (refuge in Christ and, for some, in the TN mountains), when my grandmother awoke, but the reality was, she could not warn the others before, for she had fallen asleep. We watched as the lava reached down alongside of the buildings and homes of every sort, which had been on the wall of the volcano and I said, within my dream, "Thousands will die from this tragic event, all because we could not and did not warn them". (And because the rich and political powers that be hid these things from the public so that it is a quiet, fiery judgment coming upon the world.).

Then the dream ended.

The meaning: It was earlier today, which I felt God speak to my spirit and revealed to me that the volcano I saw was an impending judgment that was about to come. My grandmother, I believe, represents the church: wise, old and established but has fallen asleep. The fact remained, I believe God was showing me that something IS coming and the church is so busy caught up into the cares of this life that it does not see the mountain before them which is about to blow, and when it does, they won't know it until AFTER it comes.

I believe wholeheartedly that there is something tragic coming on this nation, but the church, which should be praying, preaching the truth against sin and immorality, and warning the world of God's anger, is asleep. So, that's my dream; do with this as you will.

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