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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Coming Asteroid, Tsunamis, Earthquake, Chaos

[ audio ]

Mena Lee Grebin - 05/31/2016
(David's notes in red)

A couple weeks ago, I had a visitation from the Lord. He came to me, reached out His hand and said; "Come, I want to show you something". I placed my hand in His and we began to travel. We ended up on a shoreline, more like a beach; it was dusk. Jesus pointed up toward the sky and my eyes followed His lead. I beheld the beautiful colors of the sky, as evening time settled in.

All of a sudden, I saw a red object coming in from the atmosphere. It got bigger and bigger as it drew closer; it was an asteroid! It was on fire and looked like a burning hot coal. (Just before the first trumpet of tribulation, fiery coals are thrown upon the earth and bring a great earthquake. {Rev.8:5} And the angel taketh the censer; and he filled it with the fire of the altar, and cast it upon the earth: and there followed thunders, and voices, and lightnings, and an earthquake. {6} And the seven angels that had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound. In Efrain's revelation, the asteroid that hit water west of Puerto Rico caused a great earthquake. Will an asteroid hit the water west of Puerto Rico, striking a known fault and causing a 12-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that will devastate the islands there and the East Coast and Gulf Coast? Also, the East Coast is connected to that spot where the North American Plate is pushing under the Caribbean Plate.) I watched in horror as it pounded into the ocean far away. The Lord looked at me and said, "When it hits, they will have 30 minutes to an hour to evacuate". After He said this, I saw the water coming in -- a tsunami.

Last week, the Lord spoke to me and said, "What I'm about to do, no man can take credit for. Over time, I have allowed man, and through Satan using them, to believe that they are in control, and have dominion. But now is the time for America to know that I AM. What will be unleashed, even the elite have no idea about, and in the end, even a few of them will fall on their knees and cry out to Me". (According to Sandy Shaw's dreams, the elite planned an earthquake of great magnitude but the Lord beat them to it by three days, maybe before those in government made it to their continuity bunkers. Sandy saw Washington DC buildings fall in the East Coast quake. Ken Dewey saw it bring down the government. For this reason, Sandy saw that they were lying on the news about the damage done. An angel told a neighbor that an underground government building at the Capitol was being built to house the government in an emergency but it is built to fall inward.)

This is the third time the Lord has shown me a tsunami. I posted my first dream roughly three years ago. The second one I did not post, which occurred in the latter part of 2014. Shortly after returning to Charlotte (after living in the DC area for a year and a half), I was in my new home, unpacking boxes when the Lord spoke to me in an audible voice and said, "You do not believe that I will send a tsunami!" I paused for a moment and searched my thoughts and feelings. I knew to do this because you cannot lie to God. My heart was racing from the sternness in His voice. "No, Lord. I do not believe this will happen before the rapture. You're right. I've been pushing the thought away in doubt", I responded. The Lord then answered and said, "But I will send a tsunami; it will come!" (Efrain Rodriguez knew that this asteroid and tsunami would come before the rapture and from scripture it clearly will come seven years before.)

The second dream that I never posted revealed a tsunami coming to the East Coast. This dream was more vivid than the first one I had, which also occurred on the East Coast. I saw how high the waves will be. There are two waves and it will not be as high as some have seen, where half of the country is under water and millions of lives are lost. No, this will not happen because God will not punish the wicked with the just. However, there will be much infrastructure damage -- billions of dollars. And many lives will be lost. This will only be the beginning of a domino effect that will collapse the entire country from within.

I am posting these things not to frighten, but to forewarn. Too many Christians are asleep at the wheel and we're about to drive right off a cliff. We are living in an illusion that "good times" will come back to this country, but this is a lie. America doesn't deserve better times. We have not repented of our rebellion, arrogance, greed, perversion, murder or witchcraft. The Lord has not given up on America; this is why He is bringing judgment; so that we will repent. Make sure that your lamps are filled, saints. Night soon approaches.

David: This asteroid appears to be one of three created when one asteroid broke up into three asteroids with three tsunamis hitting the U.S. very close together. Two land in the Atlantic and one in the Gulf. Read this, this and this. These asteroids appear to cause the earthquakes that start in the east and go to the western U.S. And this will bring the economy down (or at least the powers that be will want us to think this is the cause) in this dream that Mena had after the one above.

Luis Parada: Then I noticed in the distance a sparkle that looked like a shooting star and before I could say anything, they said, "Look! A shooting star". But then it was brighter and split into three and I said, "That's not a shooting star! That's an asteroid/meteor!" Then, in the distance I could see the ball of fire from the impact.

After the first impact, we looked at the sky and there were hundreds of shining lights coming through like a shower of them. They panicked and got scared, asking, "What do we do?" The first thought that came to mind was, I was right! God promised never to come back with water but that the next time would be with fire. I said in a calm voice, "There's nothing you can do. You can't hide from this. If it hits, then it hits and that's it". Then I realized I wasn't scared or nervous but thought, it's time; it's begun! Then I woke up.

Ann Peterson: In April 2001, I was moved to ask God what was coming at us. The question was as generic as that ... but not the answer. I was then shown North America on a globe. I saw three balls of fire streaking across the globe. One hits in the Gulf of Mexico ... another hits near the east coast of Florida ... and the third is farther out in the Atlantic.

I then see America get smaller. Florida is washed over, as well as much of the East Coast and the coastal areas of the Gulf. I asked if people would be warned of this event in any way. I was told that this was the warning. I asked again about the others who did not hear or see initial warnings. I heard that there would be a very small window of opportunity for people to get out of harm's way but most would still not listen. Then the only "close-up" view I got was of I-95 ... it was a "death trap" and those were the words I heard, too. Then I was shown a short period of relative stillness; then I saw the middle of America rise up, then separate into two land masses with a great body of water between the two halves.

Virginia Boldea: It was not a dream. It was late ... There were a handful of comets (described as fireballs in the next paragraph) in the sky which looked to be peaceful. Suddenly three of them, all different sizes, began to head toward the earth. When they hit the ground, there was total devastation. As I looked up, the sky turned black and I saw thunder. The thunder was also black. A dark cloud lifted up and it began to rain. When I looked closer I saw that it was not rain but drops of blood.

As I looked to my left, I saw another man standing on another cloud. He was very tall, dresses in white, with his hands raised high. Each time he moved his hands, fireballs would come out of his fingers. I looked, awestruck, at the man's height and the way his face shown and radiated. Then a powerful voice said: "Remember what I have shown you. This will be the beginning of the pain that I will allow upon the earth".

"Chaos Is Coming"
Mena Lee Grebin - 06/27/2016
(David's notes in red)

At 1:45 AM this morning, I received a visitation from the Lord. I first found myself at a press conference. The conference contained about 50 people. We were all sitting at long tables in horizontal rows. I was located at the second seat in the last row, on the right. I saw Donald Trump sitting among the people; he was the only person in the crowd I recognized from behind. I only saw everyone's back from my view. In the front, I saw Obama pacing the floor. He seemed very agitated. He started saying, "They're pushing me ... they're pushing me to cause drama!" He then walked over to a man seated three rows ahead of me. Obama looked at the man and said, "Kevin, they're pushing me to give them what they deserve! I will give them the chaos that they deserve!" The man, who seemed to go by the name "Kevin", frantically grabbed his notepad and began to write on it. It was then that I looked on Obama's forehead and noticed that there was writing on it. It looked as though someone had taken a black Sharpie and written across his forehead; it said, "Chaos is coming".

The scene changed and I next found myself in a room. Ahead of me, about 30 feet, stood Jesus. He was clothed in a simple white robe that illuminated a soft white glow. His face was so clear, clearer than I had ever seen it in all the years He's visited me. It was like I zoomed in on His face. I studied His thick, dark-brown hair that rested on His shoulders, and the fullness of His beard. The expression on His face was that of sadness, yet stern. I noticed that there were tears streaming from His left eye. Within each tear, there was a fetus. The Lord spoke to me, but without moving His lips. He said, "They are constantly stealing the life that I have given". He paused for a moment, then continued, "There are those who are even unaware of their murder. Doctors have convinced some that this is their only choice -- that the child is deformed, or will be born with abnormalities, so they steal the life that I have given".

I noticed that angels began to stand in formation behind Jesus. They were tall; between nine and 10 feet in height. They were all golden -- clothes, body and hair. There were 14 of them. I inquired about the position they were taking. Jesus responded, "They are taking their positions for the 21 judgments, for they are about to begin. Time is short. I will not delay ... I will not delay ... I will not delay! My Bride is preparing herself and I will soon call her to me". I thought to myself, "But there are only 14 angels". Then Jesus quickly reminded me that the first seven seals are opened by Him. (Could these 14 judgments come before the tribulation seven seal judgments, making a total of 21?)

Jesus then looked at me and with a stern voice said, "Within three to six months (This could be within three months or at the most six months. OR it could be 3 months = September 27 to 6 months = December 27), total chaos will envelop America and a pandemic will spread across the world". He then gave me understanding that the two events are separate and I wasn't given a time frame for the pandemic.

Mena had already received a dream of this same time period in the spring of 2014 which speaks of the economic collapse. The Lord woke her up at about 2:45 AM, saying, "Death to the finances!" He said it so strongly it startled her. She asked, "Death to the finances?" Then the Lord said, "A recession within a recession is coming". Then He showed her a vision of the rider on a black horse. He was riding across a calendar and started in September and rode through December. She asked the Lord, "Is it for this year (2014)?" He answered, "No". Then He continued, "Small businesses will fail. Those who depend on the government to sustain them will fail. The housing market is going to crash again. I want you to warn the people. Tell them what is coming because those who are in Me will be sustained, but not everyone who says they belong to Me belongs to Me". From what we can tell from the other dreams, the three asteroids come first and bring the earthquakes and tsunamis, which is when the economy collapses and the Man-child reformers brings the revival through the Bride, as a repeat of history.

As yet, we have no confirmation of this time frame from another source. Any who do, let us know.

I began to pray for the Bride. I prayed for wisdom and boldness. The Lord then spoke and said, "Psalm 12 for the chosen, for the obedient and for the faithful". This is a warning for the Church, the Bride and the nation. We need to prepare spiritually and physically for what's about to be unleashed.

{Psa.12:1} For the Chief Musician; set to the Sheminith. A Psalm of David. Help, Jehovah; For the godly man ceaseth; For the faithful fail from among the children of men. {2} They speak falsehood every one with his neighbor: With flattering lip, and with a double heart, do they speak. {3} Jehovah will cut off all flattering lips, The tongue that speaketh great things; {4} Who have said, With our tongue will we prevail; Our lips are our own: Who is lord over us? {5} Because of the oppression of the poor, because of the sighing of the needy, Now will I arise, saith Jehovah; I will set him in the safety he panteth for. {6} The words of Jehovah are pure words; As silver tried in a furnace on the earth, Purified seven times. {7} Thou wilt keep them, O Jehovah, Thou wilt preserve them from this generation for ever. {8} The wicked walk on every side, When vileness is exalted among the sons of men.

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