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Coming of the Mature Man-child

My End-Time Army

The Spirit pressed upon me to read the book of Acts and I was told today to tell you guys to read the book of Acts because that is what's coming. That is a foundation of what is coming for the Lord's servants who will be doing His great works in the very near future. So please check out the book of Acts, in addition the other scriptures that will be provided.

"My children, this is your Lord and Savior speaking. I would like to speak of the times to come. I shall be raising My final end-times army. My most profitable, faithful, humble servants will go about and tread the earth with My glory, for the fire of God shall be upon them, My power within them. They will be used in the mightiest ways. They will go about the earth and perform extraordinary acts, the most ever to be witnessed by man. Yes, children, these servants will call multitudes into repentance. They will pave a way for My coming. They will warn the people and bring down the churches of men. They will bestow the world with My divine will.

"I will use them to perform great miracles, to unleash My supernatural wonders. They will heal the sick and feed the poor. They will cause great shakings across the lands. They will summon My judgments. They will call upon the heavens and call down both fire and rain. They will have power over land and sea. They shall be My great vessels of light, love and truth. I tell you, no one has witnessed such marvelous works since the days I walked the earth. Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father -John 14:12. The world is not prepared for what is to come. Many will be in awe.

"Through My army many will come to believe and know that I am the Lord their God. Many will seek to hurt My special anointed ones, only to meet their own destruction. My chosen ones will walk in supernatural favor. They will be spirit and truth, untouchable, divinely protected, sealed and empowered. I tell you, saints, there has never been such a time upon the earth. In the midst of great darkness and calamity, My power and glory will be manifested in the most brilliant, remarkable ways. Prepare, My children, for the latter rains, for when My holy fire descends such times shall begin.

"I will use the least of them all: The lowly, the hidden, the meek, the poor, the rejected, the suffering, betrayed and abused. It will be the least likely, the ones whom the world has refused, but I have found most precious in My sight. I am the great I AM and I shall do as I please. Many will be surprised by who these servants are, but it is all for My glory. It is because of their heart. My children, this time is upon you. Rest and draw closer to Me as I transform you and ready you for all that lies ahead. It comes. It comes. Lord Yehushua. Joel 2:1-11".

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