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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Cornelius Bosch, UBM Elder in South Africa, Is Now Home

With sorrow (because we are going to miss him, not in flesh, but because Christ in him was so real) we say goodbye to Cornelius. He was a spiritual leader and teacher who was dedicated to His Kingdom and he preached it to everybody around him with a wisdom that could only come from God.

We're looking forward to meet him again when he accompanies our Lord Jesus Christ in the cloud of witnesses and will continue to run the race which he has completed successfully. He gives life and He takes life and we rest in a sovereign God.

Love in Christ,
The Body of Christ in Pretoria, South Africa

Cornelius Bosch was our elder to the brethren in and around South Africa. He went home to be with the Lord some time after he went missing on February 24th, 2011. The investigation into his murder is ongoing. Click here to read a local news report.

Click here to view Cornelius' page on artween.com. There you can read a little about him and view some of his incredible artwork.

Click here to view Cornelius' recent testimony of overcoming death.

UBM brethren all over the world have come to know Cornelius as a caring, loving and wise brother. He was a joy to work with and fellowship with. We are grateful for the fruit he left behind to carry on his work. He will be sorely missed but we are happy for his home going and peace with the Lord.

Love from Cornelius' UBM brethren who love him.

I know Cornelius is rejoicing and in great joy. I feel selfish to be grieving, yet I am. Cornelius was a great encouragement and witness to me!

I knew him through an online Christian forum that I used to visit almost daily. Cornelius was teaching and evangelizing there. He would share the Word gently with people -- in small bits. Most of his threads would attract many, many responses and...yes...even reviling. When I read Cornelius' words, I felt such a peace in my spirit. His method of evangelizing was unusual in his patience and response to criticism. He was gentle even with those who railed against him. And yet did not shy away from sharing truth, refusing to allow distraction from the main points he was making. His conduct was a powerful witness and testimony to me of a person mature not only in faith, but fruit. We did have email contact a few times, kind words of encouragement and prayers of agreement. I was not blessed to meet him face to face, but loved him in my spirit, as a brother, very much.

Looking back, I received an email from him on 8/08/08. In it, he spoke of feeling that his time on the forum was coming to an end. He had been teaching there daily since 2005. Just recently the whole board was attacked by hackers and now it is offline at this time. I am also encouraged by the last email I received on February 24, 2011: "... It's such a wonderful realization that we do not have to measure reality against itself, but only against the Word". Those were his last words to me on this side of Heaven. And to think that now he is actually truly in the presence of the Word, seeing Jesus Christ face-to-face. What joy!

My prayers are with his mother, family and friends right now. May the Lord give them comfort and sustain them.

April Selenskikh

Karin Loots made this video as a tribute to Cornelius

Video compilation of some of Cornelius' work

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