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Secular and Religious World Covenant Soon

One World Secular Covenant
Robin Schenck - 12/30/2005

In a dream this morning, I was in a room with a round table of older political types, all men. They were upset about having been coerced into signing a covenant or contract written by a "Dr. Hickus", the mastermind of the contract/covenant, the main tenet of which was that their nations would give up sovereignty to the one-world ruler, Lucifer. I was also yelling at these men for having signed the document. It was also given me to understand during this meeting of these men that SOMETHING AWFUL WILL HAPPEN IN IRAQ IN ONE WEEK. ONE WEEK. (One week in Iraq/Babylon could be December of 2012.)

The strange thing about this dream is that it's so rare for an actual name to be mentioned in a dream of mine, but it has happened before. I searched on the Internet for the name "Dr. Hickus". I came up with a movie review site. One of the movies reviewed was one that stars Angelina Jolie - TOMB RAIDER - and it's an obvious mind-control Illuminati film, from what I could tell, wherein, lo and behold, the character, Lara Croft (Jolie), is involved romantically with a guy named "Dr. Hickus", who coerces her into getting a number of ridiculous tattoos placed on her body. Hmm...


Frankly, terrible things happen in Iraq on a daily basis. A further Internet search for certain terms like Hickus, mind-control, Monarch (Illuminati trauma-based mind-control slave training program -- see www.theforbiddenknowledge.com), led me to a site called www.greatdreams.com, wherein I found the disturbing account of a woman named Svali, who used to be a mind-controlled Illuminati slave -- she, her children and her husband -- suffering extreme dissociative characteristics. In this report, Svali (alter ego Samantha) lists many movies that are Illuminati propaganda and guess what movie is listed as one of them? TOMB RAIDER. There's a lot more here, though the name Dr. Hickus is not mentioned. My Internet searches have led me to a number of rather disturbing connections to these mind-control stories. I did not want to look into it much because I believe we Christians don't have to know all that gory, horrible stuff about the underworld, but the Lord, I do believe, has led me back to something here. Don't know why yet. Perhaps just to know. At any rate, I gave up television 1 1/2 years ago, don't even have one in the house anymore, so it's not likely I'll watch the movie, but what I've learned already is enough to understand further what I already know about Hollywood and the Illuminati one-world government rulers. For those of us even marginally aware of what's going on in the world these days regarding the Illuminati, it is not at all difficult to pick out the propaganda movies. I urge you to check out these movie reviews, if you have no objection from the Lord, found at www.greatdreams.com. Many of you have doubtless seen many of the movies listed. Below are included the Tomb Raider bullet points regarding Illuminati influence. The reference in the movie to coercing someone to take tattoos is a blatant reference to the harlot who rides the beast being coerced into taking the prescribed marks dictated by the master-mind New World Order.

May the Lord guard our minds and hearts and keep us from the evil one. Be cautious as you watch any of the movies out these days. Put on the whole armor of God and question everything. The deceptions are very great and many will slip, I believe, because they accept deceptions as mere entertainment.

Tomb Raider:

  • Star power of Angelina Jolie

  • Ultra-wealthy woman as female superhero

  • Alternately cooperates with and fights against group quite literally referred to as "the Illuminati"

  • Illuminati are said to be "the good guys" in the deleted scenes section of the DVD, controlling and scripting world events for the good of humanity

  • Her own father turns out to be Illuminati and was murdered for betraying the Order

  • Movie positively loaded with Illuminati symbols, including triangle with all-seeing eye, from start to finish

  • Central quest is for "the ability to control time and become God" at conclusion of "5,000-year alignment"

  • (Mayan Calendar is 5,125 years in length and comes into "alignment" in 2012, only eight years before the Illuminati plan for when their "New World Order" will emerge)

  • Leader of Illuminati is betrayed and murdered by next-in-command villain at end

  • Jolie and central villain both go through time portal and are then seen to be running up Illuminist Great Pyramid image, complete with brilliantly-shining, rotating all-seeing eye at the top

  • Jolie captures the eye first and uses it to travel back in time, kill villain and rescue friend/would-be lover

  • Jolie meets father in after death state who tells her to turn back, release the power and destroy the "key", which is Illuminist triangle with eye, but only after she has already used it to commit murder

  • Next installment soon to be released will obviously continue Illuminist themes, as will League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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