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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Cyber-Attack Brings Down Internet and Grid?

Deborah Horton - 11/03/2010
(David's notes in red)

As you read this dream and my comments, please remember that in real life I had been following the info on the Stuxnet worm and the damage that it might cause. (This could be Stuxnet or some other virus/worm.)

I was in my kitchen (where I seem to live in my dream-life!) and I glanced out the kitchen door into the garage, which looks toward the front of the house and the street, because I thought I saw something moving around there. It was bright daytime; Willard was at work, so his car wasn't in the garage and we leave the garage door open during the day, if one of us is home. Amazingly, there was a perfectly-white polar bear, not yet full-grown but big enough to easily kill a man with a swipe of his paw. (I knew it was a male.) He was climbing over and examining the equipment we had stored up against the ESE wall: the weed-eater, reel mower, etc. I grabbed the home Internet phone to dial 911 for help but it didn't work. So I tried my cell phone and that didn't work, either. (Internet/cell towers/satellite systems down. Electrical grids could also come down with banking and business. And things that run on gasoline and diesel from electric pumps like weed-eaters, your car, delivery trucks and the ECONOMY. Possibly the polar bear represents winter as timing.)

I'm starting to get a little hysterical because of the danger and I run up to Zev (my adult son) in the kitchen, who, fortunately, is at our house, though I don't know why. (Zev is Hebrew, meaning "wolf". The wolf is in the house. This could represent the false leadership of Christianity who don't know what to do?) I tell him to call 911 (The next 9/11 attack?) for me and he looks at me like, "What are you talking about? Why?" (They will not recognize this as another 9/11 at first.) But he can't get through on his cell, either. At this point the bear is no longer in our garage and I don't know where he's gone, but since he's a danger, I'm still trying to get through to the police. (The attack moves on to other victims.) I run into the living room from the kitchen to use the land-line phone there (the first house phone I tried was an Internet phone) and there in the WNW corner where my chair is in real life, the cable guy is trying to repair our connection. He looked up at me for annoying him. There were wires and cables and stuff spread out around him. Now we don't have cable anymore in real life; we have satellite. (The experts will try to get the Internet back up.) So I turn around and there's Ellie (my adult daughter) who is at our house somehow, too. (Ellie means "noble; exalted; sun ray; shining light; most beautiful woman". The bride is in the Christian house and will be affected, too.) So I ask her to call 911 (The next 9/11 attack?) but she can't get through on her cell phone. End.

Here are my thoughts:

The front of the house out toward the street represents the future. The polar bear has two meanings and one play on words. I think it represents the Stuxnet attack during the time it's been latent (hibernating to our view, while still growing) and that it will freeze communications. Possibly the attack will spread from the East and South toward the West and North. The equipment which the bear was climbing over won't run without gasoline, except for the reel mower. There won't be gasoline if the pumps or satellite system go down. Car not being in the garage could mean they'll be useless. A garage is where people store all kinds of stuff, so possibly it represents libraries and archives? The garage door being open is that we have no defense against this attack or that we have been careless about it. The polar bear being so noticeably white could represent that the danger didn't appear to be danger; it masqueraded as innocence. (A false flag attack meant to look like retaliation from an enemy will kill many more than the last 9/11. This is an attack that could take a while to fix and will help to push the economy of America and the world over the edge. Your cash in-hand would be good. Learn to barter. Give and receive. NWO coming soon.)

Dollar falls, gold rises, and they grab it on a bank holiday?

Franklin Roosevelt declared a four day bank holiday on March 5, 1933. During those days while attention was on their problems he passed the Emergency Banking Act. This gave him control over the banks. This Act also forced everyone to give up their gold in exchange for worthless dollars. After those 4 days many businesses closed permanently.

The Fed doesn't represent the American people but the banksters, whose currency is gold and oil. By infusing the system with printed money they are destroying the value of the dollar, which raises the price of their currency. Then they will take your gold and raise the price of oil to become more filthy rich and own the U.S. like Pharaoh did Egypt.

Hyperinflation, sky high food and gas prices, will make them rich and everyone else poor and under their control. Ripe for their New World Order.

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