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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

My Vision of the Death Angel
David Eells

I share this not to bring glory to myself but for the edification of the brethren for it applies to the life of all sanctified souls. I received this confirmation to the Moon Vision which I received in October 2004.

In early February 2005, I saw a vision of myself driving a small red car, with a roof, very fast toward the horizon.There was a larger man in a larger convertible corvette driving in a lane beside me. I looked over at him and he pointed up in the sky ahead of us. At first I looked but didn't see anything. Then I saw two hands and arms coming toward us over both lanes from the horizon. They appeared to be in the form of smoke. Then I said, "That's the death angel".

Interpretation: I was in a small red car, meaning I was abiding under the covering and cleansing blood on my journey to the horizon, which is where heaven meets the earth. At the horizon one appears in heaven rather than in earth in the eyes of one who has not yet reached it. This is our goal, to abide totally in the kingdom of heaven while on earth. Imagine standing next to a red car and seeing it travel towards the horizon. At first the car is seen with the earth behind it but the more it approaches the horizon the more it appears in heaven rather than in earth. Though it stands on earth it appears in heaven. Contrary to popular opinion this is our goal; to abide totally in heaven on earth.Many who bear no fruit are deceived that the heavenly life is only possible after death.

This is coming soon because some for I was traveling very fast. The larger man in the larger corvette had no covering and represented my flesh, the carnal life. The flesh is as the giants in the promised land of our life who must be put to death by the sword of the Word by the smaller spiritual man, the Israelite. The death angel put to death the first born of Egypt or the world, which is the flesh. The smoke represents the burnt offering of our flesh in the fiery trial, which is pleasing to God. The first-born of Israel, the spiritual, born again man, was redeemed. The left hand of death was coming toward the old man who represents the goat that Jesus set on the left. The corvette is also the name of a very fast warship. The old man wars against the spirit but not for long. As the old man is dying the new heavenly man is being born from above. In other words we are leaving this world and entering the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (Mt.6:10) Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth. (13:44) The kingdom of heaven is like unto a treasure hidden in the field (world); which a man found, and hid; and in his joy he goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field. (Lk.16:16) The law and the prophets [were] until John: from that time the gospel of the kingdom of God is preached, and every man entereth violently into it. (17:21) neither shall they say, Lo, here! or, There! for lo, the kingdom of God is within you.

Around January of 2005 Philip Zermano, who joined an online Bible Study, had previously received this vision in a conference where David spoke:

"Holy Yahweh is forming this ministry into His Image to spearhead the Man-child Ministry Birthing and Delivery to the World! Amen! He has given this to me in a mighty vision that ran continued for three nights along with some other stuff I can't say just yet".

"I have prayed for three days now for the Holy Father's will in this matter of sharing the vision I received during a tour meeting with David as the speaker. I am permitted to share the following: As I prayed with David at the start of the meeting, I saw the room change into a stadium filled with people, with David at the podium shouting through a microphone that was in the shape of a shofar. He wore a silver yarmulke that glowed as he spoke, and from the top of it was a white golden light pouring down from the sky as a beam of glory growing brighter with each outpouring. From David's clothing came the same Glory, light pouring though the tzit-tzit on his garment flowing like fingers though the people. Where this light touched the forehead and was grabbed by the right hand of a person that person became pregnant and became a shouting person covered in glory. This is the vision I had at the meeting. The Holy Father says that David would know its meaning, if not now very soon".

Interpretation: David here represents the corporate Man-child ministry about to come on the scene at the beginning of the tribulation. This is not them but Christ manifested in them through the Word and Spirit of the latter rain. "We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the exceeding greatness of the power may be of God and not from ourselves". You can't imagine how little I care about getting up in front of crowds but God's power is made perfect in our weakness. I received another prophecy that I would be teaching in stadiums two years ago. This could be literal but definitely is spiritual because of the circles of people that make up a stadium. The Word is passed on as each circle of saints speaks to larger and larger circles of people in a geometric progression like a stadium is built. Like a stone makes ripples in the water.

The light is the glory of God passed on through the Word. This light touching the forehead represents those who humbly receive the renewed mind of Christ. The right hand grabbing the light represents those who will act on what they hear resulting in the renewed works of Christ through us. The person who walks in this glory is pregnant with the seed of the Word of Christ. As Jesus said, "He that does the will of my father is my mother".

A shofar turns inaudible breath, which is the same Hebrew word for Spirit, into the audible voice of the Spirit. These Words of the Spirit teach, warn, and destroys the enemies of God's people as the shofar did in Gideon's battle when the earthen vessels were broken and the light shined forth. Lets continue to speak the Word as we pass away and Christ lives in us. God will bring it to pass shortly.

Bill Lackie's Stadium Dream

I dreamt that Jesus stood in the center of a very large stadium in heaven. The stadium in heaven was connected to a similar stadium on earth. He was in the center of this stadium and radical worship was filling the air reaching a point of crescendo. When the worship reaches a heavenly fullness loudly and clearly Jesus began to call out the name of people on earth and they would leave their seat and go to the center of the stadium. As they reach the center of the stadium on earth the angels begin to shout. Suddenly everything goes silent and Jesus begins to call out the NEW NAME of the saint standing in the midst of the heavenly host. When he calls out the new name the person begins to vibrate from within and a heavenly light begins to permeate the cells of their body. As it expands from the inside out it explodes into a very bright light that extends approximately 50 feet radiating all around the person. This saint with a new name is transformed into a new warrior with great resolve. They understand their new name. They answer to their new name. They realize the new name represents who they have been all along but they are now this name all over through and through. Jesus says, "Welcome my elect and saints who have been selected for this time in history.

This heavenly process of coronation continued until thousands upon thousands had been transformed. It was excellent with detail and very personal but it didn't seem to take very long like time was sped up for this very event. I became aware that this people had not been recognized prior to this time. They were receiving favor and being brought to a place of recognition for God's purpose. They had waited a long time in obscurity like they had been in a heavenly cocoon and were breaking out through this heaven encounter.

This new name was recorded in heaven. I realized the ink that was used by the angel to write down every persons name spoke as the angel wrote. The ink had the quality and life that was being given to the person. Every time someone read the new name they also experienced the destiny and quality of life God commissioned that person to.

The prophetic dream above is being fulfilled now. Read Davids Assassinated and Resurrected

Older prophetic dreams being fulfilled now:

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David's Death by the Factious

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