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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Delivered of Alzheimer's & Dementia

Mal and Angela Westerlund - 06/21/2010

Greetings, saints. Just a quick email to magnify the name of the Lord and to give Him praise for His mercies and a testimony of His ability to heal to the uttermost.

A few months ago, God put a family into our lives through my wife's job and we soon were made aware that the mother, Mary, had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Dementia and, given her rapid downward spiral, she was pretty much given the stock-standard medical-evil report: her life is over, we can do nothing but experiment with drugs on her and hope for the best. That's what they do in New Zealand; they don't know what the drugs will do but, hey, let's try them on your mother.

Friends, I am only a new Christian and don't have even the outer layer of a mustard seed of faith, but I will, praise God. When I first met her, the Lord told me that the sickness was a demon causing the sickness. I came against it with my prayers and also got you guys to pray with me.

We were a little disheartened because she seemed to be getting worse and the rest of the family was starting to buckle under the strain of looking after her. I now could see clearly by the symptoms that there was something inside this woman that was not the family's mother and not her husband's wife.

I found it really hard because the Lord had given us a real love for this family but I still was standoffish because, in reality, I was a stranger. I felt like I had the answer to all their problems in Jesus but didn't know how to tell them.

We continued to pray and every time we went over we would silently pray against the sickness and also for salvation for the household. I just felt that that was why God put us together in the first place.

I would sit in their lounge by the fire and in my spirit claim the house in the name of Jesus. I would visualize banners of the Lord's name and plant them all over the walls in victory. I would pray against all the foul medicine and command it to be water in Jesus' name so that it couldn't hurt her. I started at first praying to God that He would make the thing manifest because then I knew I would not be afraid to cast it out, but it never did.

As the weeks went by, my wife and I continued to cast our doubts down and I just kept claiming the victory in the name of Jesus; even in the face of contradicting sights we held fast. My wife and I both had the opportunity to share our testimony with them about the Lord's grace in turning our lives around with power and the Lord anointed our words so that they flowed out and I know they heard the Lord's witness within it.

The last time we went over, about a week ago, they said the doctors could not believe that she was still functioning by herself, let alone talking sentences and making jokes. When I first met her she could not talk at all. So they immediately assumed that they had misdiagnosed her in the fist place. I quietly whispered to her that the Lord had healed her and not to trust them anymore.

Well, folks, I know you can see, as I can, that the Lord has healed this woman and delivered her from this affliction. I now am really coveting your prayers that you might pray with us for the salvation of the mum and dad. I ask if you will ask the Lord to fill us with His spirit that we might spread the good news with them in power and boldness. We have yet to be filled with the Holy Ghost.

Our prayers are always with you guys, especially with what is happening over there, and we are sure that the Lord is with you and will not leave your side --your insides, to be precise. It's funny that we all seem to have great faith that God is with someone else, but have trouble believing in what He says about us, aye? Brothers and sisters, be strong because it's the Lord Who is working in and around you to iron out every wrinkle and to remove every spot and blemish. If you know it's Him behind all things, then what do you have to fear because everything He does is for your good. Hold fast and remember, our kingdom is not of this world. Jesus said, "Of all you have given me I have lost none but the son of perdition". He won't start losing us now either, so lift your heads, saints, the Lord is our shield and strength.

Down here in New Zealand I am excited for you because, brothers, when the furnace gets hot, the dross and slag starts coming off us and the Lord starts to shine just like the steel in the smelter. Lift up your heads and sing praises, for the faith of the salvation of your souls is forged at these very times.

May God continue to bless you all. We have not met you but we love you all so very much and cry out to God that His name be lifted up in you amongst these judgments and that your lives be a lighthouse and a burning torch in the darkness to the world around you, that they, too, might run into the strong tower that is mount Zion, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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