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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Did America Quake China with HAARP?

David Eells - 05/30/2008

I have no scientific background to confirm all that is being reported below. The important thing is not whether you believe that the U.S. used HAARP to cause the earthquake in China but do the Chinese and Russians believe it because they are the ones who would retaliate. I believe there has been a silent war going on between the U.S. HAARP and Russian scalar weapons for years and both sides have attempted to keep it from the public. I expect an earthquake soon.

On May 25th of 2008 I answered this e-mail from Garrett under the subject of "Anomaly before the Quake":

Garrett: I was sent this video. I was told it appeared 30 minutes before the quake hit in China. What do you think it means? I have never seen anything like that.

David: I have no idea. (Note: With my natural mind I did not know HAARP could do this but that is what came to me next.) Unless it is an effect of HAARP.

Garrett: David, you were right. I feel you were on to something when you said that this could be a by-product of HAARP. I don't really get into all that stuff; it seems too bizarre to me, but as soon as I sent you my explanation (which is probably wrong) this showed up on my MySpace bulletin page (a sign?). I took a look at it and realized that this (rainbow clouds) is a common occurrence when HAARP is used. This video is only about 10 minutes long and you should take a look at it. It confirmed what you thought.

The first couple minutes is just some guy giving a explanation of why this might of happened, concerning political stuff between the US and China, then it goes into the evidence of the rainbow clouds being from HAARP.

What is HAARP? Watch this and this.

After Garrett's e-mail I got this from Deborah Horton on the 30th.

Deborah: The article "China Orders Strike Against US For Catastrophic Earthquake" appears partway down this page.

On the above page be sure to read the article CERN 'Nailed Heart Of Earth' With China Quake, Chilean Volcano

David: From what I understand the CERN Super Collider experiment appears to have had what they called a runaway "antiquark spree" that struck Chile with a massive volcanic eruption and then HAARP may have somehow focused this action through the center of the earth to China in the quake area. These two places are on exact opposite sides of the earth according to this map.

It appears possible that America may have hit China with an earthquake in a very strategic place. The disaster area is home to China's chief nuclear weapons research lab in Mianyang, as well as several secret nuclear sites.

We have been expecting a possible earthquake soon from several revelations. The Russians have an agreement to defend China in case of an attack by the U.S. They have scalar weapons that are more powerful than HAARP to make earthquakes. See the text below from part of Chapter 15 of Hidden Manna For the End Times.

The public is usually 20 years behind on what the latest military technology is. Retired Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, PhD, is an expert in the field of EM (electromagnetic) research. On his website www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance (see introduction) or in his book, Fer De Lance, he gives more than ample evidence through eyewitnesses and CIA reports, accessed through the Freedom of Information Act, to the Russian experiments with futuristic scalar weapons. These are capable of focusing electromagnetic energy over vast areas to destroy communications, nuclear missiles, nuclear subs, squadrons of planes, and fleets of ships, power grids, or armies. They can cause earthquakes, volcanoes and drastically alter weather patterns. They appear to be generations ahead of the potential in the U.S. HAARP project. Amazingly, the Russians stole the research from an immigrant to the U.S. upon his death. Nikola Tesla was responsible more than any other man in bringing the world into the modern electric age with his fantastic inventions. In his latter years he offered to the WWII allies the plans for a "death ray" that he said would shoot down the enemies' planes with bolts of electrical energy. He was thought to be losing his mind and wasn't taken seriously, but the Russians took his research seriously. Bearden reports that they tested the scalar EM death ray in Afghanistan. He also reports that it can destroy tanks or knock down jets or choppers with one shot. It can also render entire groups of infantrymen unconscious or kill every living cell in their bodies instantly. When I heard of this, I remembered Bob Aicardi's dreams concerning Americans being knocked out in an invasion.

This could be the Russians striking back for the Chinese HAARP quake in the Tennessee fault.

See also Scalar Incited Arizona/Alaska Earthquakes and Earthquake Destroyed China's Largest Military Armory.

The Weapons of World War III


It will 'be fought in the electromagnetic spectrum'
Posted: July 08, 2008 - 11:20 pm Eastern
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Did the Chinese military cause the largest blackout in the history of North America?

That is the assertion of Tim Bennett, the former president of the Cyber Security Industry Alliance, who says U.S. intelligence officials confirmed to him the People's Liberation Army gained access to a network that controlled electric power systems serving the northeastern U.S. in 2003, according to a report in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

Some 50 million people were affected by the 9,300-square-mile blackout that hit parts of New York, Canada, Michigan and Ohio.

The official explanation for the power outage was that overgrown trees came into contact with strained high-voltage lines in Ohio. But the story of this possible skirmish in the "electromagnetic spectrum" is widely whispered about in defense and intelligence circles. It is referred to by some as the first battle of World War III - a conflict to be fought asymmetrically in cyberspace and with weapons that might seem like science fiction.

The Moscow newspaper Zavtra reported only a week ago that Russia has developed "special powerful electromagnetic impulse generators that may be used in design of new type radars and as a basis of electromagnetic weapons that will render enemy electronics inoperable".

"The U.S. Army is convinced meanwhile that the Russians have already designed 'kinetic weapons' and 'directed energy weapons' (apparently lasers) for ASAT warfare", the article continued. "In any event, the Americans suspect that the recent episode with the Chinese laser that damaged an American spysat became possible precisely because Moscow had made this technology available to China".

The superweapons being developed for the next global conflict began coming into sharper focus last winter when China destroyed one of its own aging, low-Earth-orbit weather satellites while it was circling at an altitude of 500 miles, using a ground-based, direct ascent anti-satellite weapon.

This year, the U.S., using its sea-based Aegis missile defense system, shot down a disabled American intelligence satellite at 100 or so miles altitude as it tumbled uncontrollably toward the planet.

The Defense Department says China is developing non-kinetic means of attacking satellites, such as jamming and blinding, and using lasers, microwave, particle beam and electromagnetic pulse weapons.

Cyber-warfare, one of the proven strengths of the Chinese military, can also be used as an anti-satellite capability. In congressional testimony this year, the director of national intelligence stated, "Counter-command, control and sensor systems, to include communications satellite jammers and ASAT weapons, are among Beijing's highest military priorities".

Bennett, meanwhile, told the National Journal he believes Chinese cyber-hackers were also responsible for another U.S. blackout last February in Florida - one that affected 3 million customers.

Bennett told the National Journal he decided to speak publicly about the incidents to point out that security for the nation's critical electronic infrastructures is weak and to emphasize that government and company officials haven't sufficiently acknowledged these vulnerabilities.

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