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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Discerning Shepherds and Apostles

Ellen Cary - 09/10/2008

Prophetic Word

The seven-year cycle is over (Note from David: The seventh year since 9/11). I have called and you have not answered. I have warned over and over, but you have refused to hear. You shepherds who sit in your high towers have told my sheep that I didn't cause the towers to fall, that I didn't bring Katrina for destruction, that the floods and fires aren't at the hand of My judgment, teaching them that all power is not Mine, so they learn to not heed My warnings, they learn to not hearken to My voice because they believe your lies; and for this you false shepherds will pay a high price. I call you false, for you have turned from My divine plan for your life. You've allowed the enemy to entice you with the pleasures of this world, the riches and loftiness of sitting in high places. You have exalted your throne above Mine in making the choices you have to please men, to tickle their ears and tell them what they want to hear, rather than telling them the truth. Few there are who are listening to My voice and calling My church to repent of their wicked ways, for they have gone the way of the world; their lives are compromised and not set apart for Me, to live in the holiness I've commanded.

See now you false prophets who speak lies of peace and safety, you shall all be brought down by My Elijahs I'm about to release upon the land. They will smite you with the sword of the spirit that will come forth from their mouths and it shall be wielded with precision and accuracy. You who have given yourselves a title of apostle, know ye not it is only the Lord God Almighty who decides who I call as an apostle, or any of my ministry gifts to my body for their edification and growth to build my church. You gather together in your convocations to discuss your lofty plans of dominating my earth, but you know not of what you speak, for this world will never be dominated by your flesh. It is only by My Spirit that My Kingdom is established on the earth because it is established in the hearts of those I choose.

My true apostles are in the fields of the world, in the dark places establishing my kingdom, for I have sent them. I alone, and no man, for I called and I instructed and I gave the order to go and they have obeyed My voice to not only listen to obey My call, but to be chosen to follow My orders. They are nameless and they are faceless only to you, for l know their names and I know their faces. I know their hearts and I know their minds, for they seek only My will, not to build their mighty kingdoms, as you have done, and for this they shall be rewarded greatly. For they are true warriors and true soldiers of the cross who have died to their own plans and purpose and allowed Me to send them out for My glory only, nothing to exalt themselves, but only me. For they recognize they are but dust willing to be blown by the wind of My Spirit to wherever I will them to go. These shall have great reward in my house, for they have laid down their lives for the sheep, some even to death, never even thinking they are great or doing anything for recognition in my body, but only having a heart to follow after Me and being obedient to My word.

Yes, the time has come for all false ones to be exposed, for you want to be leaders but you lead My sheep into the darkness and for this the blood of many will be on your hands. The hour has come for your judgment, America, the great America whom I have blessed to such measure that all the world envies you. But shortly in an hour you think not, you shall fall and the whole earth will groan and the nations will lament and rejoice at the same time, for your greatness shall be over.

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